Art2arts Revolutionise Home Decorating With Their Original Modern Art

From: Art2Arts
Published: Tue Jul 13 2010

Outstanding home arts site Art2arts has brought a whole new dimension to the concept of personal home decorating with its range of original modern art. Art2arts ( has founded itself on two principles: freedom of choice, and artistic emancipation – and it’s gathered a huge and loyal following as a result.

The new range of modern art just hitting the site is a premium example of the way in which this different way of sourcing and buying art is proving good for everyone: there’s stuff in there that wouldn’t look out of place in some of the nation’s most famous art galleries.

By making real artworks available to the public, without the middle man (or woman) of a gallery, Art2arts has succeeded in bringing down the institutionalised view that national tastes need to be dictated by those "in the know" – these days, if you’re in the know you’re looking on an art brokerage site much like Art2arts, making your own choices, decorating your home not with second hand prints but with genuine originals. Now that really is modern art, in more ways than one. A modern way of choosing, buying and receiving art.

So can sites like Art2arts become the 21st century equivalent of the 20th century art gallery? Why not. As long as they don’t start telling us what we ought to like, as well as bringing us the modern art we love to choose from – then they’re welcome to stay.

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About Art2arts
Art2arts is an original art retailer, selling one-off works by quality-controlled artists. They showcase a wide range of paintings including modern art, wall art, cityscape, landscapes, figurative, nature and wildlife paintings.

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