Author's experience of Postpartum Psychosis inspires thriller novel

From: RedDoor Publishing
Published: Mon Feb 25 2019

Around 1 in 1000 women in the UK suffer from postpartum psychosis, a severe condition that occurs soon after giving birth. Symptoms include, hallucinations, depression, anxiety, mood swings and suicidal thoughts.

Julia says "I suffered an episode of postpartum psychosis after my daughter was born, experiencing terrifying hallucinations, feeling convinced I’d be a terrible and dangerous mother, and that someone would take my baby away. Those frightening first few months lingered in my imagination, but I decided to create something positive from my experience. I enrolled on a Faber novel-writing course and My Sister is Missing is the result."

About the novel:

Jess's sister Stephanie loves being a new mum, and is besotted with her baby daughter Natalie. She's tired and a bit anxious, but that's natural, isn't it?

However, one night, Stephanie disappears, taking Natalie with her. Jess tries to convince herself that there's a perfectly reasonable explanation but as time goes on and CCTV images appear of a young woman with a baby, jumping in front of a high-speed train, Jess fears the worst.

But was it Stephanie? And if not, where has she gone? And what does husband Adam have to hide? In turmoil, Jess goes in search of answers, but she isn't prepared for what she uncovers. . . or for what happens next.

My Sister is Missing is an intense, twisted, psychological thriller that will make you question what is real, and whether you really can trust those you love.

Feature ideas
• How a devastating diagnosis inspired my first book
• New careers – I wrote my first novel in my thirties
• Hallucinations and paranoia – how postpartum psychosis wrecks your life

About the author:
Julia Barrett wanted to be a writer from a very young age, but it wasn’t until her late thirties that she plucked up the courage to take time out from her teaching career and focus on her writing. She grew up in Sheffield, and is now based in Essex where she lives with her husband and two children. She is currently working on her next novel and completing an MA in Creative Writing.
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