Bartender Russell Davis from Spike’s Hit TV Show Bar Rescue Joins the ‘Funny Emojis’ App Team

From: Funny Emojis
Published: Tue Jul 28 2015

The famed bartending expert from SpikeTV’s hit reality show, Bar Rescue, and Nightclub and Bar’s 2012 Bartender of the year Russell Davis’ next concoction might not be something you can drink but it will definitely leave you intoxicated with fun.

‘Funny Emojis’ is a recently released iPhone app aiming to deliver the emojis that avid texters have always wanted and asked for. The taco emoji, the middle finger, the shrug, yoga and workout emojis, the eye roll and the hotdog are just a few of the emojis rolled out in the first release of this app along with the fully integrated keyboard to make texting a breeze.

So how does a mixology expert get mixed up with an emoji app? Russell Davis is a man of the people and years in the bartending industry have shaped him into an expert communicator with a strong knowledge of what people want. Davis joined the project to help share his expertise on the fastest growing language in the world: emojis. It is also probably safe to say you can expect to see quite a few bar-related emojis coming in the next release.

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