Bogside Artists off to Austria

Published: Thu Jun 30 2011

September 6th this year will see the arrival of The Bogside Artists in Vordernberg, Austria. They have been invited there to paint a mural that depicts the struggle of Europe towards Peace and Reconciliation. It is the brainchild of Irishman Desmond Doyle who has been involved in the arts in Germany and Austria for over 25 years. As he states;

"There is nothing as sad as the sound of one hand clapping and nobody has the power to change the world. We can only succeed if we work together, that is why starting in Vordernberg we will build a network of reconciliation and by the development of realistic projects help others grasp the true meaning of the word. Through the media of art we will try and show the world how reconciliation can succeed... As the Artists of Reconciliation 2011, we proudly present the Bogside Artists from Derry (Londonderry) Northern Ireland. Their famous murals in the city are symbols of the recent past in Northern Ireland and have become world famous symbols of that conflict."

Why Vordernberg?

In a press release recently released throughout Europe Mr.Doyle explains - "We must be ready for reconciliation and for exploring new possibilities, Vordernberg is ready and willing to challenge the difficulties that face the region and the district. As we search for new avenues and inspiration, we are challenging the problems of the future and bravely facing the social and economic difficulties that challenge our very existence as a community. Art of Reconciliation is a child of this new search for a secure future and a more humane society. A society facing the future coupled with artists seeking answers and inspiration seems to be the most fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of reconciliation."

This year’s patron of the artists of reconciliation is Mr. John Hume, the only person in history to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, the Dr. Martin Luther King Peace Prize and the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize. He was also voted the most important personality in the History of Ireland and sat in three different parliaments as a political leader. He was a founder member of the SDLP the Northern Ireland socialist party. John Hume was instrumental in ending the 400 year conflict in Northern Ireland and by so doing has become one of the most honored human beings on the planet. The bogside artists are three artists from his constituency and they have been friends and fellow activists for years. Together they have played a leading role in the history of the province and the reconciliation process that is still going on there.

Clearly Desmond Doyle and his colleague Hannes Misseton are determined to make this visionary project a success for many years to come. You can learn more about their visionary plans for peace and sanity in Austria and Europe from;

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