Can Economic Growth Pressure Green Energy projects

From: NGU EU Summit
Published: Tue Feb 02 2010

The EU has set itself an enormous Green energy policy challenge over the next decade which will involve massive capital investment into new technologies, huge investment in grid infrastructure, as well as replacement of existing capacity as older plants reach the end of their life. But with the Economy now once again in growth and thus the demand for Energy rising, will such massive change be effected as suppliers turn back to fossil fuels to meet new demands?

Michael Lewis, Managing Director Europe for E-On assesses such a question and will announce his findings in his keynote at this year’s illustrious NGU Summit in Bremen Germany next month. The Summit (run by GDS International) has been the home for the Utility elite for many years, and this meeting is no different with a consortium led by, Dominique Fache, Chairman, ENEL, Kevin McCollough, COO, RWE, Eddie O'Conner, CEO, Mainstream Renewable Power, and Alan Thompson, Head of Renewable Centrica,

Energy demand is increasing at an alarming rate with an average 1.3 percent growth per year, so leaders are crying out for new technology innovations to meet a spike in demand that adhere to Governmental Energy policy’s. "The challenge of climate change, security of supply and the culmination of three fundamental world crises (Financial, Energy and Environmental) has led to a major shift in global government policy." said a spokesman for the NGU Consortium. " Combine this with ageing infrastructure assets in the developed world with the rise of energy hungry new economies and the stage is set".

And what a stage the NGU Summit will be! Will our leaders be able to come up with sustainable solutions in time to meet demand? Is investment in new technology too late to stay Green in the short term? All Eyes are on the NGU EU summit to find out.

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