Delightful Children's Picture about a Tiny Tree Frog Wins Multiple Book Awards

From: Halo Publishing International
Published: Tue May 26 2015

Children’s book author Anita Turnage understands the importance of sharing nature with children. Animals and nature are the perfect medium through which to gently teach important lessons and about the world we live in. In this endearing tale filled with vivid and colorful illustrations by Kim Sponaugle, a little boy named Haden, who loves to catch bugs, shares exciting adventures with Nana T in her garden. One day, while on hands and knees, they come face to face with a tiny little tree frog. Hops begins to visit daily and Haden’s fascination grows as he learns about frogs, what they eat and where they live in the winter time.

"Hops" is based on the escapades of a very real tree frog in author Anita Turnage’s backyard. "I’m an avid gardener and I fell head over heels in love with this little tree frog," said Turnage. "After several weeks of him following me around the yard and house, and my grandson becoming really excited about our little visitor, I decided to write down the different adventures my grandson and I were having together with our tree frog friend."

Recently "Hops" won the Conversations Award for the Best Regional Book of the Year (2015), the Loewenherz-Creative Award for Best Children’s Picture Book and the Reader Views Kids Award for Best Children’s Picture Book of the Year (2015).

"I’m very excited and still in shock Hops won so many awards," said Turnage. "My head has been spinning since receiving the news."

The criteria for each award is chosen from the first place winners in both fiction and nonfiction, and "Hops" placed first in each award category, honoring the this cute children’s picture book with many gold seals.

"I’m really humbled that so many readers found value in my story," said Turnage. "However, I really feel I need to share these awards with all those who helped make this book possible, those who supported me through this process, and of course, with my fans as it was a team effort."

Author Anita Turnage feels writing and reading is something that brings everyone together. She loves sharing ideas and the different events she experiences with her grandchildren while out in nature. She does give a lot of credit to her grandson who was such an enjoyable creative mind to work with as she penned the different events with their little tree frog, Hops.

Halo International Publisher, Lisa Umina said, "Anita is an amazing author and her stories are always full of fun and adventure. Hops is a delightful story that inspires children to explore their natural world, something many caregivers feel is important as children are easily drawn indoors by technology. Hops helps get children and adults alike sharing adventures with Nana T and Haden in their garden during reading time."

Readers can find "Hops" in the Halo Publishing bookstore ( ) or at any online bookstore such as Amazon and B&N. Available both in Hardback and eBook.

Anita Turnage, "Nana T," lives in the Carolinas with her husband, Ralph, "Pop", and English Setter, Izzie. She retired from corporate life after 27 years and is now a full time wife, mother, grandmother and gardener. The days she savors the most are those spent with her grandchildren. As a gift to her grandchildren, "Nana T" takes pen in hand to recount delightful adventures she shared with them.

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Hops by Anita Turnage, illustrations by Kim Sponaugle, publisher Halo Publishing, Int., ISBN: 978-1612442266, Price: $16.95

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