Diabetic Cooking Never Tasted So Good

From: Halo Publishing International
Published: Sun Jul 19 2015

When you live with diabetes, you quickly realize your immediate family lives with it, too. Author Matthew W. Miller’s newly released cookbook, "Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking" is special because it is written by someone who knows the challenges of diabetic cooking with a disability. Think you cannot manage diabetes and cook due to a disability or have never cooked before? Think again! Matthew has gathered favorite recipes from friends and family that are easy, simple, taste wonderful and user friendly.

"Having diabetes can feel overwhelming, then you layer this with a disability and cooking seems impossible. I have a disability (cerebral palsy) and I wanted to write a cookbook that makes cooking feel easy and include tips for overcoming obstacles such as exercising by walking up and down stairs or how to remember the difference between low and high blood sugar quickly," says Matthew. "One of the best ways to help manage diabetes is to know where you can go for more information and help. This is why I included a diabetic resource list at the end of the cookbook."

In "Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking" (published by Halo Publishing International), Matthew shares some irresistible family recipes, all of which are kid-friendly and simple to follow. His hope is to encourage people despite having a disability that excurse and eating healthy is possible without having to join a gym or hire a dietitian.

"I wrote my second cookbook Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking as a tribute to my late father, Wayne O. Miller, and for all those dealing with diabetes," says Matthew. "My father encouraged me to exercise and lose weight, and to make this a life-long goal."

Matthew also advises those with a disability to start making recipes with the fewest number of ingredients. "People with disabilities might need more time to learn how to cook and will probably make a lot of mistakes when cooking something. Just remember it is okay," says Matthew. "Also, to help prevent diabetes it is important to learn about healthy eating and exercise early in life, and this is something I talk about at the beginning of my book. My hope is to keep people from never giving up on excurse and cooking."

"Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking" not only has some of Matthew’s favorite recipes, but also those of family and friends. The goal of this unique cookbook is to let people know they are not alone in overcoming obstacles in their lives when cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. "Together we can combat diabetes," says Matthew.

"There really isn’t a cookbook that helps those with a disability," says Halo Publisher Lisa M. Umina. "Not to mention a cookbook that can also be used by parents with children who have diabetes. Matthew W. Miller has written a cookbook that does all this and so much more. He definitely embodies a person with determination and has overcome many obstacles in his life, including getting his master's degree despite having cerebral palsy."

You can purchase "Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking" through Halo Publishing’s website (http://halopublishing.com) and Amazon. Also available through major distribution.

Matthew W. Miller has mild cerebral palsy. It took him longer to learn to cook. He currently works as a sales associate at Wal-Mart. Before that, he was a cashier. He has also worked as a special education teacher, teacher assistant and substitute teacher. He is a graduate of Culpeper County High School and earned an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree in education from Germanna Community College. He has a BS degree in special education and an MA degree in human relations. During college, he volunteered his time as a peer academic adviser, a student grader and gave presentations on transition planning in special education and test-taking strategies. Like his mom did, he likes to bake desserts.

Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking by Matthew W. Miller, publisher Halo Publishing, Int., ISBN: 9781612443775; Price: $16.95

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