Do Brits feel lucky? Well do they? Kate Thornton reveals they clearly do in a brand new survey

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Published: Sun Oct 02 2011

The survey, which marked the launch of William Hill Bingo’s Win-A-Car-A-Day in October promotion, also looked at a regional breakdown of the luckiest people in the country. People in Northern Ireland certainly believe in the luck of the Irish - with 62.5% of the people from the country convinced they are lucky, while only 29% of Scots believe they get any luck.

People from the North West, North East, Yorkshire, the Midlands don’t class themselves as lucky, but the Welsh (55.3%), Londoners (54.2%) and Easterners (52.2%), class themselves in the lucky bracket.

The poll also revealed we are a superstitious nation - with 57.5% of Britons adhering to superstitions. 39.8% of the population won’t walk under ladders, 30% won’t reveal their birthday wish after blowing out their candles, 8.7% would bring a lucky charm into an interview or exam and 0,8% would carry a lucky rabbits foot in their pocket.

‘I was shocked to see the Scots believe they aren’t lucky. I think I’ll have to have a chat to Andy Murray before next year’s Wimbledon. As for the Irish – everyone knows they are the luckiest people in the world,’ said Kate Thornton, ‘I was also amazed to see 0.8% of the population would walk around with a rabbit’s foot in their pocket for good luck – are they mad?’

Other interesting results from the survey include the number 7 being Britain’s luckiest number. 65% of white haired people believe they are lucky and 47% of people believe being nice to other people (karma) will change their luck.

71% of the nation believes they’d be lucky to win a car and they could be in luck next month! William Hill Bingo is giving Brits the chance to win a car every day during October.

The giveaway is William Hill Bingo’s biggest ever promotion. And the good news for British players is that it’s the chic Fiat 500 they’re giving away.

The funky Fiat 500s are those ultra-cool city cars with eye-catching headlights – you’ll definitely know it when you see one of them cruising down the road..

‘I’ve just had a go on the William Hill site and it’s great fun,’ said Kate, ‘I haven’t played too much online bingo in the past, but I think I’ll be having a crack at winning one of those Fiat 500. I just love those cars.’

‘We’re really looking forward to the Car-A-Day promotion. It’s our biggest ever bingo promotion and we think it’ll be a huge hit with our new and existing players, said Anna Conley, Head of Bingo at William Hill, ‘Judging by our survey, the Scots probably don’t think have any chance of winning a car, but I’ve a sneaky feeling that our first winner will come from north of the border.’

To be in with a chance to win one of the cars simply log-on to for all the details.

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