Flutteroo Online Auctions Launches its New Home Page

From: Flutteroo.co.uk
Published: Tue Jul 27 2010

Online auction site flutteroo has launched its brand new home page. Breaking with other competitors in the pay-per-bid auction market, this new home page blends the best of entertainment and retail, show-casing premium auctions, latest winners, league tables, live news scrollers, facebook feeds and lots more besides. While not uncommon in other categories, this approach of providing one place for players to go to get all the latest updates and information is unique within the online auctions category and is yet another example of flutteroo’s customer focussed approach. This launch comes on the back of a constant stream of new initiatives this Summer, all designed to give its customers are more fun and exciting bidding experience and represents another important milestone for the business as it continues to accelerate its growth.

Dave Hobday, CEO of flutteroo, commented: "We are delighted to announce the launch of our new home page. This is a very significant enhancement for our customers and now gives them lots of new and exciting information all in one place, leaving the remainder of the site focussed exclusively on auctions and bidding. If you want to get the latest news about what’s happening on flutteroo it’s now being fed to you real-time; if you want to check out the very latest winner on an iPad auction then you can see that instantly; if you fancy seeing how you’re doing against other bidders then our leagues tables show you who’s up and who’s down. Everything is modular, and over the coming weeks we’ll be adding lots and lots more new features and enhancements, more and varied promotions, tailored and personalised messages, all centred around this new home page leaving the remainder of the site totally centred on auctions across our 3 categories of penny auctions Auctions, Lowest Unique Bid Auctions and Buy It Now (Price Drop) Auctions. This clear separation of information from bidding is something that’s very important to our customers, and this new structure helps make that even clearer."

Flutteroo plans to continue to roll-out more new features over the Summer; these will range from simple enhancements to the potential of launching a brand new auction too. More details will follow, but the new modular style of the site allows for increasing flexibility, and ultimately more personalisation for customers allowing them to select exactly what they want to see and where they want it displayed.

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Flutteroo launched in 2009 into the rapidly growing market of internet pay-per-bid auctions. These combine traditional retailing with skill and strategy. Flutteroo is privately funded and based in west London. Dave Hobday has a senior management and marketing background from companies including Sportingbet, HBOS, Telewest and Procter & Gamble. The management team has successfully raised over one million pounds in first round funding.

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