January Sales Shopping Survival Guide from Models Direct

From: Models Direct
Published: Tue Jan 12 2010

Christmas is very nearly here and Models Direct don’t know whether to be more excited about Christmas day or the January sales! No doubt many people, probably mostly women admittedly, will be getting excited about finding some bargains to spend their Christmas money on. However, January sales shopping can also be hugely stressful and so Models Direct has some top tips for dealing with the post-Christmas crowds.

• As with many things it pays to be organised! You may have spent the last few months hinting at what you’d like for Christmas but it’s quite likely you won’t get everything you want. Write down a list of things you’d really like, whether as a present from someone else or something more extravagant. Keep this list with you when you go shopping in January and check to see if things have been reduced.

• If you want to be really organised you could start preparing for the next Christmas at the beginning of January when things such as cards, decorations and gifts are likely to be reduced. If you decide to start your Christmas shopping super early just make sure you keep track of what you’ve bought otherwise your gifts could be lost at the back of a cupboard never to be seen again! Don’t get caught up in the moment and buy things you won’t actually send.

• Buy your wardrobe staples such as t-shirts, jeans and underwear in the sales. These are items you’re always going to need so why not stock up while they’re cheap?

• Sales shopping can be impulsive and you may end up with things that, although they seem brilliant at the time, you will ultimately never wear. Fair enough, buy things that you like, but don’t buy things you just like the price of. Also be aware that things on sale are likely to be old, out of fashion stock or from trends that won’t last. Think about how the product will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe.

• When sales shopping remember to check that the products aren’t faulty. They may be marked down because of damage and therefore probably non-refundable.

• Set yourself a budget and stick to it! Take cash with you on your shopping trip and leave the credit cards at home, it’ll make it much easier to keep up with how much you’re spending.

• January sales shopping can be stressful for even the most determined of shoppers so if you don’t want to brave the crowds of a busy city centre look online for some brilliant bargains. Some online shops might even reward online customers by revealing their sale items before they hit the stores. The downside of online shopping is that you may have to pay postage and packaging, but hopefully this will be offset by the savings!

• If you are venturing into town wear something comfortable, have a snack before you go (you don’t want to come home with hundreds of half-price mince pies do you?) and keep yourself hydrated by drinking water.

Models Direct hope this guide will help you when it comes to your sales shopping. Here is one final thing to remember.

"Just as your dull boyfriend becomes an Adonis when another woman looks at him, fighting the blonde in the corner for a pair of orange satin-lycra disco trousers becomes a matter of life or death." – Karen Homer in her book Things a Woman Should Know About.

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