Kevin Coem releases debut album “Defying Gravity”

From: Kevin Coem
Published: Wed Jun 13 2018

Spanish singer-songwriter Kevin Coem first hinted at the release of his debut full album back in April, and it has been out in stores since June 13. The record is titled "Defying Gravity", and it’s the climax of a 3-single promotion cycle that started in September 2016, when Kevin made his debut with the single "Tokyo Street Lights".

Debuting as a Japanese-language singer in 2012, Kevin Coem went by a different stage name during his promotional activities in Japan at the time. 11 singles, 4 albums and 2 live tours in Tokyo and nearby cities support the singer’s career in Japan, who also got the chance to work as a music composer at Japan’s public broadcasting company, NHK, as well as to be featured on an online commercial for a music company. Despite the achievements in the long run, he retired from the Japanese music market at the end of 2015, citing lack of motivation and a strong will to reinvent himself as an artist, and after a 9-month break he eventually announced a new stage name, in order to start over creating English-language songs.

Kevin Coem’s debut record, "Defying Gravity", contains 14 self-produced songs, presenting not only a wide variety of influences like tropical house, electropop and dubstep, but also a broad range of lyrical themes, such as love and friendship, as well as darker topics like self-acceptance, depression or inability to express feelings. A release schedule was followed prior to the release of the album, taking inspiration from K-pop bands who plan each release in advance, giving out hints such as photo and music teasers for a couple of weeks, upon reaching the release date, when "Defying Gravity" became available worldwide in a digital format.
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