How to Love and Accept Yourself Just the Way You Are.

[UKPRwire, Sat Feb 02 2019] At almost forty, Jupiter left a fifteen-year marriage. Being single for a while sounded great . . . until she discovered that she was still emotionally shackled when it came to masturbation. To be a healthy single woman, she needed to unlock her sexual repression. With a camera, a keen wit and a reflective nature, Jupiter set out to conduct extraordinarily personal research by masturbating once a week—on film—for a year.

Masturbation Monday is a humorous and enthralling memoir—at once preposterous and profound, reverent and profane. Jupiter takes readers on a wild journey as she tests kinks, wrestles taboos and gets absurdly literal about self-love. She gives herself permission to play, to experiment and to fail, aiming to neither suppress nor glamorize her sexuality. She strives to create portrayals of sexual joy and female pleasure but isn’t always sure what will make her orgasm.

Unflinching, Jupiter faces her most embarrassing sexual fantasies, exploring herself from head to toe, without skipping her anus or her nose. She goes where few have gone before with condom-covered carrots, flower-petal insertions and teabagging herbal tea bags. She pays tribute to masturbation classics like airplane bathrooms, hotel rooms and washing machines.

But her journey also brings surprises, like a budding appreciation for the strange beauty of her female anatomy, the radiance of her smile in the afterglow of orgasm and a rapidly growing fan base. Jupiter wrestles with being called a porn star. She encounters days where even the most explosive orgasms only sharpen the pain of loneliness, and other days when they erase it altogether.

Throughout the book, Jupiter immerses herself in a breathtakingly honest and raw portrayal of her physical desires, psychological conflicts and emotional truths as she forges a key to sexual joy and pleasure.

“The book is an exploration of layers and layers of self-love and self-loathing through dissecting my troubled relationship to the most literal act of self-love, masturbation. I hope Masturbation Monday gives women wildly explicit permission to accept and love themselves in every area of their lives.” Jupiter.

Jupiter’s extraordinary undertaking yields a book that will seduce readers and make them love their quirky bits. And hers.

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About Jupiter’s Slut

Jupiter’s Slut is a writer, humorist and an accidental porn star. She prides herself on her fluency with two of the scariest words in the American dialect: math and porn.

Jupiter holds a Master’s in Education from UMass Amherst and one in Creative Writing from Simmons College. She graduated with honors from Smith College with a self-designed major in economics and ethics. She does not represent herself as an authority in either math or porn but as a lifelong learner who strives to empower others as she empowers herself.

For the first thirty years of her life, Jupiter was math phobic and sexually repressed, and did not identify as a feminist. Growth in all areas of her life stemmed from stepping closer to her fears and pursuing joy. Through her work, she gives others the permission to play and the tools to revise their own lives.

“I want to live in a world where a woman is safe to speak. How can we expect survivors to speak up when they’ve been harmed, when a strong woman can’t speak up when she’s in good health. Sexual shame hurts us all, and it hurts the silent victims of sexual assault most. When silence about sexuality continues, abuse festers in the dark, from the Vatican to Hollywood. The best way to make the world safe, is to end sexual shame. And I like to read, and write, books with a delightful dash of humor, and a tiddle bit of naughty intellect.” Jupiter.

Visit Jupiter’s author website at and sign up for her email list. You can also follow Jupiter’s journey on social media: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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