Models Direct Guide: What Will You be Asked to do in an Acting Audition?

From: Models Direct
Published: Tue Mar 16 2010

So, you’ve decided you want to embark on an acting career. You’ve got your headshots, you’ve practised your monologues and now there’s only one thing left to do – start going to auditions! But what does an acting audition involve? Models Direct give you the lowdown on what is likely to be asked of you.

What happens at an acting audition will depend on what type of audition it is. If it’s an open audition you could be waiting around for a long time to be seen, so try to get there early. You will be given a time frame to turn up in but Models Direct advise that you get to the venue a couple of hours early. While waiting to go into the audition you’ll probably be given some forms to fill in and may have a photo taken or be asked to give in your CV (so remember to take one with you!)

You might be given an excerpt from the script to read through, or you could be doing something you’ve prepared yourself. These auditions can be great for new aspiring actors and actresses who do not yet have an agency, when the directors are looking for fresh talent. At open auditions it’s likely you will be told whether you were successful or not straight away, rather than hearing later on.

You will only have a few minutes to impress the judges, so make sure you make the best impression! When you first get into the audition room you may be asked to ‘slate’. This means you should clearly state your name, and your agency if you have one, either to the casting directors or to the camera. Once you have done this, wait for the person holding the audition to tell you to begin your piece. You should go straight into your audition piece, if you make any mistakes try to start again or carry on rather than offering explanations or excuses; you want to show professionalism and the ability to work under pressure.

For acting auditions, Models Direct advise that you have at least two monologues prepared. These should be in two different genres to show your flexibility – for example, one comedy piece and one sad piece. It’s worthwhile having a number of monologues that you know well and can select depending on what type of role you’re going for. If you are auditioning for a musical you should also have at least two songs that show off your vocal range. You will need to bring your own sheet music with you to the audition.

It’s also possible that you will be asked to perform a ‘cold reading’ from the production’s script, either on your own or with someone else reading the second part. There is also a chance that you could be asked to do some improvisation, so you should always be prepared.

What you wear will depend on the type of role you’re going for. If you have researched the production and know what role you’re auditioning for, your outfit should reflect this character. This isn’t to say you should dress up exactly as the character would but if you’re playing a businesswoman you should wear something quite smart whereas if it’s a builder you could wear something more casual.

What’s important is that what you wear is something that makes you feel confident and is comfortable, especially if you know you’ll be required to show how you can move in the audition.

Just remember, you have to be pretty lucky to be discovered right away and it’s likely you’ll attend a lot of auditions which you won’t get the part for. If your first audition goes badly, don’t be discouraged –the more you attend the better you’ll get.

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