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Published: Fri Feb 26 2010

Feel like a change of hair colour for the New Year but having trouble deciding what colour you should go for? If you don’t want to pay for a hair stylist’s opinion and are going to do it yourself, follow Models Direct’s quick and simple guide to choosing the perfect colour.

Your hair colour should coordinate with your eye colour and skin tone, doing this will really complement your look. Unless you’re deliberately trying to shock people, or make a bold statement, you should stick within two or three shades of your natural hair colour. Now follow Models Direct’s simple guide on how to know what colour will suit you.

How to determine your skin tone

Before making a decision on what colour to go for, there are a couple of tests to determine whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. For the first find a mirror and put it somewhere where there is plenty of natural light. Find a piece of both gold and silver jewellery or foil and hold them up to your face. If your skin looks better against the silver you have a cool skin tone; if it’s the gold you have a warm skin tone.

Another method is to wrap a white towel or piece of material around your neck. If your skin looks yellowy next to the white your skin tone is warm; if it looks more blue you have a cool skin tone.

You can also distinguish your skin tone by the natural colour of your hair and eyes. Cool tones tend to have blue, grey or green eyes with blonde, black or brown hair. Warm tones will often have hazel, brown or black eyes with black, brown, blonde or red shades of hair.

Cool skin tones with blue, green or grey eyes will suit ash and sandy blonde hair, as well as red-free brunette shades. If you’re planning to follow the current trend to go red, pick a plum or burgundy shade.

If you’re feeling brave cool skin tones can also suit black hair.

If you’re a natural blonde anything from platinum to darker blondes will suit you. You could even complete your look with current high fashion favourite, bleached eyebrows.

Warm tones with black, dark brown or hazel eyes will probably suit shades from black to golden brown. If you have a warm skin tone purple and auburn tints will enhance your natural colourings.

Warm tones with light eyes and naturally light brown or dark blonde hair – you can brighten up your hair with golden highlights or choose warm, red-based brunettes.

If your skin tone is neutral, that is, it looks equally good beside both gold and silver, you’re one of the lucky ones and more likely to be able to look good with any shade.

Some final thoughts…

• Red is definitely the hardest colour to maintain as it will fade quickly. If you do decide to go red, coppery reds (rather than blue-reds) will look more natural.

• Your hair colour should complement and liven up your skin tone; if you find yourself having to wear more make-up than before, you’ve probably chosen the wrong colour.

• If you’ve got a pinkish tint to your skin, warm hair colours will emphasise this. Therefore if you blush a lot, a cooler hair colour such as ash blonde may be better suited for you.

• Models Direct remind you that if you’re dyeing your hair at home you should always check the labels, wear the provided gloves, make sure your skin and surfaces are covered and remember to do a strand test.

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