Models Direct Plants Customers in a Garden Centre for North One Television

You'd think a garden centre would have more than enough plants, but when leading TV producers North One Television came to film their new series My Little Soldier at a local garden store, they realised they needed more.

[UKPRwire, Sat Jul 11 2009] Only this time, the plants were human. North One Television needed extras to pose as unsuspecting customers for the new series where children are sent out to go and work as if they were adults, with hilarious consequences. In this episode, young kids were sent to try their hand at working in a garden centre.

Posing as a weekend gardener might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you imagine a modelling career, but that was what was needed, and the producers went to modelling agency Models Direct to find their talent for the show.

One of the largest agencies in the UK, Models Direct represents hundreds of ordinary people working as models, and specialises in being able to find a model for any job, no matter what age, gender, ethnicity, shape or size the client requires.

On this occasion, one of the models 'planted' in the garden centre was Trevor Piggott from Cambridgeshire, who thoroughly enjoyed the chance to work as a model, especially on such an unusual job. Said Trevor, “I had to act! I had to pretend I was a customer at a garden centre and ask lots of questions to a boy who was unaware of being filmed and respond to answers - fantastic!”

BAFTA award winning company North One Television were very pleased with Models Direct's ability to find a model to suit the brief. Because they are such a large agency, the fact that My Little Soldier is being filmed all over the UK – in Liverpool, Nottingham, Leeds, and London – presented no problem.

In other shows, the young stars of the show will be asked to work in a range of locations, including a museum and at the makeup counter of a big department store.

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