Models Direct Reflects on the Fashion Issues of the 2000s

From: Models Direct
Published: Wed Jan 13 2010

And so the first decade of the new millennium has come to an end. It seems like only yesterday we were worrying about the Y2K meltdown! It has been a great ten years for Models Direct: the agency has an ever increasing client list and more satisfied models than ever. In this retrospective, we look back over the most important fashion issues of the last ten years.

Throwaway fashion. The 2000s have seen a move towards more affordable fashion Ė think Primark, supermarket fashion lines and high street stores. Clothing became cheaper as companies moved their manufacturing from Britain to countries such as India and China where labour is cheaper. Great for us, not so great for many of the people making the clothes Ė and later in the decade more people began to feel more socially responsible about the clothes they were wearing. Concern grew about the conditions for workers on the other side of the world, and shops realised this was something they needed to address. However, at the end of the decade we are still taking full advantage of being able to buy extremely cheap clothing, many of us apparently believing that it doesnít matter if something is only worn once and then discarded. Should this be something thatís reconsidered over the next ten years?

Hey big spender! Along with the rise of cheap clothing many people were getting wealthier, before the recession kicked in at least! With more money to spend people wanted to look more fashionable and designer clothes were becoming more accessible.

Celebrity style. Obviously celebrities have always been idolised for their fashion and style, but the noughties have seen celebrities really leading the way for fashionistas everywhere for the first time. More and more people began to copy their favourite celebís style, with popular choices being Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton and more recently Agyness Deyn, to name just a few. Cheaper clothes and pre-credit crunch affluence made it easier than ever to follow celeb fashion.

Big fakers. The production of fake goods (no doubt we all remember those fake Louis Vuitton printed accessories and Chanel sunglasses) became popular in this decade. While many were lusting after the real thing, a small minority were actually buying the real deal and many more were choosing the imitations.

Reality TV. Itís hard to remember turning on the television and there not being some form of reality show on. Reality TV programmes such as the Next Top Model series and Project Runway have led the way for high fashion models and designers, whereas makeover shows such as Gokís Fashion Fix and Ten Years Younger offer personal style tips and ideas. But how long will these shows retain their popularity?

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