Models Direct: Top Five Make Up Tips For Models

From: Models Direct
Published: Sun Oct 24 2010


Letís start at the beginning. Following a good cleanse, tone and moisturise routine itís a great idea to use a primer underneath your make up base. Not only will a primer give your skin a smoother appearance, it will also help to keep makeup in place for much longer. You can get primers for a range of skin types and they are also available for the eye area.


It is very important to pick the right shade of foundation/concealer for your skin tone, so spend time choosing a shade that disappears on your skin rather than leaving you with an unattractive tide mark. Also, get to learn which eye makeup hues suit your colouring best. Consider your skin tone, eye and hair colour before picking out new shades. It may help to ask advice on this from a make up artist, or you could look for a knowledgable assistant in the make up department at a store like Debenhams or John Lewis.


No matter how good your foundation, blush or eye shadow is, blending is the key to really professional looking makeup. Take time over your look and avoid streaky foundation or caked on bronzer at all costs! Makeup should be there simply to accent your best features and help to disguise those that you are not so proud of. Plastered on makeup should be left for stage performers and clowns.

Lips and eyes rule

Never forget this important Models Direct top tip. If you are going for dramatic eyes then keep lips subtle, with just a slick of colourless gloss or a natural toned lipstick. Likewise, if you intend wearing pillar box red lipstick stay with neutral shades on the eyes.

Eye cheat

Models Direct love this eye cheat tip. If you are going out in the evening, or to a photographic shoot, and feel that your eyes could do with a boost, try openning them up with a little white eyeliner. Use the liner on the inner, lower lid and it will really help to brighten up those peepers!

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