Models Direct's Fashion Resolutions For Men

From: Models Direct
Published: Sat Feb 20 2010

Some men tend to avoid updating their wardrobe and see clothes shopping as more of a chore than an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon. At modelling agency Models Direct we understand this, but we also think it’s nice for men to make an effort and have a revamp every so often. What better time than the beginning of a new decade? Read on for Models Direct’s suggested fashion resolutions to make the process a little easier.

• Have a clear out. Before you start thinking about new clothes, sort out the things you’ve already got. As a general rule if you haven’t worn something over the last year or so, donate it to a charity shop. If an item is in bad condition and beyond repair don’t just throw it away. Do your bit for the environment and have it recycled.

• An extra tip: if you can’t bear to let old items go, or you just generally have too many clothes, split your items up into summer and winter piles and hide away the clothes you don’t need for this season.

• Stock up on the basics. If your work shirts, or any other wardrobe staples for that matter, are looking dull and shabby, take these to the charity shop and invest in some new ones. You might even still be able to find some bargains!

• Take someone else’s point of view. If you always end up buying the same old styles, take someone who’s in the know of what looks good shopping with you. They’ll be able to help you decide what looks good and may give you the courage to…

• Get inventive! Why not liven up your wardrobe? It is the beginning of a new decade, after all! This doesn’t mean that the more mature men amongst you should start regressing to your teenage years, instead experiment a bit more with the current colour and style trends.

• Similarly, don’t buy something just it’s fashionable that week, instead find timeless pieces such as the classic trench coat or a good quality blazer. These will serve their purpose, and be in style, longer than the latest fad trends. And that means less shopping!

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