Models Direct’s New Year’s Fashion Resolutions

From: Models Direct
Published: Thu Jan 21 2010

The time of year has returned when we make resolutions that we might or might not keep. Now with a new decade ahead of us you might be thinking it’s about time that you gave your wardrobe a fresh look or alter your shopping habits. Here are Models Direct’s top fashion resolutions to keep for 2010.

• First of all, have a look through the clothes you’ve already got. No doubt you will find things that you’d forgotten you had, or things you can’t even remember buying in the first place. Go through and sort out those things you don’t want that can be thrown away or given to charity. If there are things that you don’t want to give away but no longer fit you, how about having a clothes swap party with some friends? This can be a great way to change your wardrobe without spending any money.

• One of the key points of a good outfit is how well it fits – you’ll look infinitely better if you wear clothes that fit you properly. Sizing varies from shop to shop so work out the best sizes in your favourite stores. If you’re concerned about people knowing what size you are then Models Direct suggest simply cutting out the label.

• Wearing clothes that you’re comfortable in will also make you feel more confident, but this doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain clothes. Take inspiration from your favourite celebrity or fashion icon and adapt it to suit you and you will feel great. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to build your confidence, putting some more effort into your outfit could also help.

• Stop buying clothes that you don’t need. If you’re having a clear-out of your old clothes then it might be necessary to stock up on some basics in the January sales, but avoid buying clothes just because you feel like a going on a spending spree. Just think: if you saved the money you spent frivolously you could afford something a bit more expensive that you really want, rather than just spending for the sake of it.

• It’s a new year and a new decade, so why not dare to try something different? Clothes are the first thing people notice about you, so using different accessories or patterns can help your personality shine through. You don’t have to turn yourself into the next Lady Gaga!

Probably one of the most common resolutions is to lose weight, especially after the lazy days spent snacking at Christmas. If this is on your to do list Models Direct advise that you do it sensibly through a healthy diet and regular exercise rather than starting one of the many fad diets. Good luck!

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