Models Direct: the world of fitting modelling explained

There is far more to the modelling industry than most people realise.

[UKPRwire, Thu Jul 30 2009] For example, there are many little-known niche areas of modelling work for people who choose to become a model, and a modelling career can sometimes lead to further work in the fashion industry.

Take 'fitting modelling,' for instance.

If you've never heard that phrase, then you're not alone – but fitting modelling is actually a very important behind the scenes role in the clothing industry.

Fitting modelling jobs are those where a fashion or clothing brand needs models to wear its new lines, so that retailers and other industry insiders can see what they have to offer next season.

Clothing companies know that their products look much better on a real person than a clothes hanger!

Larger modelling agencies such as Models Direct are often called on to find a model to do fitting modelling work.

According to Managing Director of Models Direct Damian O'Connor, fitting modelling requires a very particular kind of model.

“Fitting models are always selected exactly for their measurements, rather than their look, as it is purely fitting work,” says O'Connor. “The work is extremely precise, models have to have exact measurements. Even a centimetre out can mean they are not selected.”

This particular area of modelling work can be a lot of fun for the models involved, who get to see new ranges before the public.

Thirty-four year old Stuart has done fitting modelling work through Models Direct in the past. "I was particularly nervous in preparation for my first assignment,” he said. “However, my assignment co-ordinator made me feel at ease by providing me with up to date changes and all the relevant details in time for the job.”

“When I got there, the staff made me feel relaxed and I felt comfortable in front of the prospective buyers, when trying on ski and snowboarding attire.”

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