Motivational Speaker Releases a Powerful Book on Positive Self Image

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Published: Mon Jul 27 2015

Marilyn L. Donnellan has been on an amazing journey; from dealing with childhood bullying and verbal abuse to becoming an internationally published author and motivational speaker, and successful consultant to nonprofits. But there’s a twist – she has achieved it all while fighting deep-seated feelings of ugliness and low self worth.

In this unique and powerful book, Two Faces of Me, Donnellan explores all the different aspects that make up each of our lives and our self-esteem. She wrote her newest book to inspire readers to focus on positive self-image and to understand our worth in God’s eyes.

"We need to learn not to desire to be something we’re not. I spent my entire life struggling to accept who I am. And, as I started to get older, I learned there is no manual to tell me how to age gracefully. I learned the hard way that I can’t base my sense of self-worth and image on appearance. I earned every aging wrinkle and lump, and I’m learning to cherish them as valuable parts of me," stated Donnellan.

The motivation to write Two Faces of Me was initially to explain what happens when Donnellan’s character, Sophie, makes her appearance at workshops and conferences. Sophie has been a helpful object lesson for over 40 years, and in the book, Donnellan wanted to explain why Sophie has such an impact on people.

"The answer is we all have an inner Sophie in us," said Donnellan, "and we tend to judge people on the way they look. But, as I thought about how I felt about myself at different times in my life, Sophie became a metaphor for many of my experiences. She has really become an example of how I struggled to build who I am without being false to the real me."

Donnellan didn’t write Two Face of Me to share just her personal journey. Her goal was also to share Sophie’s journey and how people rarely make an effort to talk to her Sophie personality.

"I can count on one hand the number of people who have come up to Sophie and said, ‘Hello,’ states Donnellan. "Often, when I dress up as Sophie for church events, conferences or workshop she will be asked to leave. Even the best-hearted and spiritual people don’t know how to handle the Sophies of the world. People act as if Sophie can’t hear, see, and doesn’t have feelings. It’s like they don’t realize how they are treating her. I’ve learned so much about how people treat others by being Sophie."

Two Faces of Me was a difficult book for Donnellan to write for a few reasons. The biggest one was being in the spotlight and sharing the raw truth of her personal life and her journey as Sophie with readers.

"Everything is told in Two Faces of Me – it’s an autobiography that will impart life-changing inspiration to those close to giving up or for anyone lacking self-confidence," says Halo Publisher Lisa M. Umina.

Emotionally damaged by childhood bullying and verbal abuse, M.L. Donnellan takes readers on a rocky journey. Struggling to find herself after an attempted suicide, Donnellan lives her life like an actress, pretending to be what she does not feel. Focused on a lifestyle of over achievement and trying to please others, it is only when she begins to comprehend her worth in God’s eyes that she is able to see herself as unique, valuable, gifted and beautiful.

What Readers Are Saying:
"Great transparency…easy to identify with…unique use of creativity to enhance message…provides answers." Diane Hawkins, MA, President, Restoration in Christ Ministries.

"…a wonderful book…the reader hears the echoes of their own story and can choose to take steps towards healing through God’s mirror of truth." Kimberly A. Hawkins, Dallas, TX.

You can purchase Two Faces of Me through Halo Publishing’s website (, Amazon and other online bookstores. Available in Paperback and eBook.

M.L. Donnellan, MS, is a motivational speaker, consultant to nonprofits, internationally published author, a wife, mother and grandmother. Her spiritual gifts are exhortation, administration and teaching. She is a graduate of Multnomah University, George Fox University and Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary, with degrees in Human Resources Management and Christian Administration, and a certificate in Biblical Studies.
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Two Faces of Me by M.L. Donnellan, publisher Halo Publishing, Int., ISBN: 978-1612443782; Paperback Price: $12.95; eBook Price: $5.95

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