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Published: Mon Aug 03 2015

After an eleven year, eight plot-change process, the controversial novel, Hell In The Choirstand, was released as an independent project by musician, educator, actor, author and publisher, Titus Pollard.

The novel is set in a suburb of Motor City Detroit, where a fictional music fraternity inducts a new member, Renard Singleton, who pledges to destroy the very essence of spiritual worship by using music to conjure satanic forces, but meets the equally gifted Jeremiah David, who challenges this evil force using music as his weapon. The author has been quoted as stating that the bookís setting and essence is in spiritual opposition to a Satanic Temple of worship, also located in Detroit. "When most readers see the title, Hell In The Choirstand, they automatically think itís about trivial church drama. After reading the book, though, they learn that the novel is much deeper than that," says Pollard.

Pollard, who was born in Michigan but currently lives in North Carolina, is the product of a minister father and musician mother. His lineage and knowledge of the novelís subject matter shouldíve made the writing easy, but according to Pollard and some external sources, there was a constant reliance on inspiration to complete the book with its compelling story line. "The protagonist and the antagonist war against each other as the Heavenly realm anticipates the result," says author Pollard.

According to Amazon, the novelís principal retailer, the book has received a solid 5 in a 5-star rating system.
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