New Radio Comedy Sketch Show Commissioned by the BBC

From: Forbidden Helmet Productions Limited
Published: Thu Feb 03 2011

The BBC have taken the bold move of commissioning a brand new radio comedy show that aims to challenge some of the conventions of modern British comedy, by 'ripping the lid' off an increasingly low-brow entertainment landscape.

One of the show's writers, Ian Williams stated "To be absolutely honest, we started writing because there simply weren't enough sketch shows going out on TV & radio that made us laugh. You do get the odd gem, such as Mitchell & Web, however there really isn't a great deal more going on."

He continued by saying "There is a lot of funny comedy out there, however sketch shows really seem to be an area that have fallen behind. It's really difficult to know why this is happening. Clearly there has been quite a bit of dumbing down, especially in the light of the Ross/ Brand affair, however there are still stand-ups who get in the news for their 'antics' - Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr and more recently Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes to name but a few."

"However there's a really fine line between between pushing the boundaries of creative expression and bad taste. It's really difficult to know where we stand right now. Just a couple of years ago Michael Palin said that Monty Python wouldn't get made today and he's probably right. Creativity within the entertainment industry and the famous British sense of humour are amongst Britain's greatest cultural assets, however, as a nation, we are probably not making best use of them as things stand."

Williams went on to say "We've created a show that harks back to the heritage laid down for us by the likes of Monty Python, The Mary Whitehouse Experience, Reeves & Mortimer, French & Saunders and Big Train - ridiculous, intelligent, but first and foremost, funny! If you want to know more, simply type Alien Fudge into Google! "

The show, called Alien Fudge, will air for the first time on BBC Radio Oxford on 6th March 2011 at 9.00pm GMT and will be available to listen to live on the internet.
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