OhMyBingo.com launches on television - new breed of online bingo portal

Not just another ordinary bingo portal, OhMyBingo is at the forefront of the market in terms of user experience, marketing budget and expertise. The UK bingo comparison site secures exclusive free bingo money deals that aren't available direct, offers a loyalty scheme and is advertising on television.

[UKPRwire, Sun Feb 28 2010] 15 Marketing has launched OhMyBingo.com, aiming to mark a new era for online bingo portals with its user interaction, loyalty scheme and marketing budget.

Oh My Bingo uses innovative slider technology on its homepage which helps the user find their perfect bingo site. One can sort by a variety of bingo categories and filter the bingo sites according to their required criteria. OhMyBingo features extensive impartial reviews and screenshots of all the major UK bingo sites as well as providing up to date bingo news and promotion updates. Member interaction supersedes that of the biggest bingo operators as users are able to rate and review the bingo sites themselves, post bingo-related news or interact with fellow members on other levels by, for example, sharing jokes or recipes.

OhMyBingo.com members earn loyalty points for everything they do on the site. This is a further unique feature of the portal and aims to increase customer loyalty. By reviewing a bingo site, posting news or even by becoming a fan on their Facebook page, members earn Oh My Points. These points can be converted into free bingo cash at some top UK bingo sites.

The bingo portal is currently advertising on television across the UK and has received an early encouraging response. Ben Starr, Managing Director of 15 Marketing which runs OhMyBingo.com, said:

‘The website is advertising on television with ‘top 5 bingo operator’ level budgets as we aim to bring the need for a bingo comparison site to the forefront of the market – similar to how car insurance comparison sites are now the normality for a user.’

Bingo affiliate portals have never been best friends with bingo operators as they have historically ranked just below the operator for their brand term in the major search engines and generated their traffic through this sort of SEO. Rarely have they ranked well – and for sustained periods of time – for generic keywords or driven traffic in unique ways. Black-hat SEO techniques are unfortunately rife in the UK bingo affiliate industry and OhMyBingo.com aims to succeed without such methods. Ben Starr went on to say:

‘We have little interest in generating ‘mistake’ traffic by ranking 2nd for a brand term and having a more attractive page title than that brand. OhMyBingo.com aims to be the first port of call for both the prospective and current bingo player. Users will hopefully seek out the portal in order to guide them to a bingo site that suits them.’

Once a member, Oh My Bingo will provide the user with personalised site recommendations in their member area which further adds to the need for the site rather than leaving the user to go directly to a bingo operator. Furthermore, OhMyBingo.com secures exclusive free bingo money deals that aren’t available direct. As a result of television advertising and experience, OhMyBingo is able to offer higher amounts of free money without deposit as well as higher first deposit bonuses.

The bingo comparison site’s television advert shows a woman entering her home with groceries underarm confronted by a variety of bingo salesmen all offering bingo promotions. Unable to escape them and tired of the bombardment, she screams for help and OhMyBingo.com answers.

Launched at the start of 2010, OhMyBingo.com is run by veterans of the UK online bingo industry with experience dating back to 2005. The holding company is 15 Marketing.

Company: 15 Marketing

Contact Name: steals15

Contact Email: ben@15marketing.co.uk

Contact Phone: 01923851188

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