Oriental escort London and your fetishes

From: Joker Fontano
Published: Tue Jan 09 2018

Fetish is a typical form of sexual desire in which pleasure comes from an object, or viewing a particular body part. When a man visits an Oriental escort London he may have some particular fetish that he wishes to utilise in order to have his sexual gratification. We have talked openly to few London Asian escorts to know what are the most popular ones and if they have observed any preference in their clients.

Almost 70% of the escorts admitted that their clients preferred submission as the best means to satisfy their urges. They have entertained not only Caucasian men, but Oriental men from Middle East, from African origin and a fair percentage of all of them have requested for dominance. Many even enjoy the act of masochism, which is the urge to derive sexual pleasure from self humiliation and pain. These girls are quite compassionate and open minded and therefore they treat such requests to be quite natural and do their best as per the suggestions of their partners.

Some men find the feel of rubber latex or leather to be extremely arousing. They insist their escorts to wear some dresses made of such material during their intimate acts. Often they wear such dresses themselves and be happy to be indulged by the lady. Wearing specific costumes and masks during such sessions and role playing during the act intensify their pleasure.

Voyeurism is again quite popular when the escort is asked to undress and her partner watches her stealthily. The opposite is also often requested. Some insist on taking their partners into some public place and requests her to lift her dress so that they can sneak at their body, without letting people around them know what is happening.

Spanking is also quite common when the man requests his escort to use their hand or a whip to use it on them. They get their orgasms when they are hit by the whip end at a particular posture. It often becomes a part of a longer foreplay.

Foot worship comes next when the man visiting an Oriental escort London requests the lady to use her foot on his body to derive pleasure. A London Asian escort once confessed that she more often uses her feet than her other parts to tease a man and almost always it gives them immense pleasure. Most Asian beauties have small and delicate feet and men just get crazy by either touching them or asking the girl to rub his body on them.

Using the bathtub or the shower closet is also quite common and popular. Some men love indulging in water sport with the girl. If the girl is visiting their home that has a pool they will often request for a skinny dip. Some wants their girls to rub scented oils etc. on their body while both are immersed inside the tub.

So, now we have given you some clues on deciding which one you would like to use the next time you are beside a beautiful Asian escort in the city of London. Search online for the best agencies employing such escorts.

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