Jackpot for Monday's US Powerball will be an estimated $670 Million.

[UKPRwire, Mon Oct 04 2021] WaveLotto.com has posted the results of Saturday night's Powerball drawing, and with no tickets matching all 5 numbers and the Powerball, the new Jackpot for Monday will be an estimated $670 Million.
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The rules of Powerball state you do not have to be an American citizen or resident to play this American lottery. So, utilizing the online lottery ticket purchasing services of WaveLotto.com, you can participate in Powerball draws with official tickets with the same chance of winning as someone who directly purchases their own tickets. So interested ticket buyers in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia can play too.

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Playing the lottery online at WaveLotto.com is a simple process:

1. Sign up at WaveLotto.com

2. Select the Powerball lottery

3. Choose 5 numbers (from 1-69) on the playing form

4. Choose 1 'Powerball' number (from 1-26) in the orange field on the form

5. Confirm your ticket purchase

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