The Future of Comics Starts Here! M2 releases groundbreaking digital comics platform: Macroverse

Published: Fri Feb 23 2018

M2, a production company focused on multi-platform content for all media, announced today the official launch of MACROVERSE, their innovative digital comics platform.

Starting with the exclusive original series "DEADTOWN", Macroverse will rapidly expand to include a diverse collection of content from a range of creators, becoming a central hub for comics and storytelling fans of all kinds. Macroverse employs an innovative, tap-through storytelling experience designed to push the creative boundaries of traditional comics, taking full advantage of digital-first content customized for mobile phone and tablet devices.

"We LOVE COMICS! We believe that comics provide a unique and compelling form of storytelling that has yet to fully realize itís potential in the digital media landscape," said Eben Matthews, Co-Founder of M2. "Combining new storytelling methodologies with the ability to reach and delight a world-wide audience provides an unbelievable opportunity for creators to directly connect with fans and to monetize their work. We are so excited about what we see here long term. Itís going to be massive."

"Comics have become a significant part of what drives the larger entertainment industry. We believe that connection will only become stronger over time," said Adam Martin, Co-Founder of M2. "Our vision is to provide a unique, cross platform storytelling experience that keeps fans engaged for the long term, and allows creators to tap into the increasingly comics-centric entertainment landscape."

Macroverse Background and Development

As life long comics fans and believers in the power of technology to create new opportunities for creative content, M2 has been exploring the marriage of comics and digital media internally since 2015. Their early digital comics experiments included a novel approach to adapting print for digital consumption, combining comics with animation and FX and releasing stand alone apps for multiple 12-Gauge Comics titles including the Trace Adkins vehicle, "Luke McBain" and the "Boondock Saints" prequel series produced by M2 Co-Founder, Eben Matthews.

Development kicked into overdrive in mid 2017 with the discovery of DeadTown artist, Steven Perkins. With Perkins on board, it was clear that DeadTown would be the perfect Macroverse launch title. A beta version of the app was tested during Stan Leeís Los Angeles Comic Con 2017 to overwhelmingly positive response.

With a combined 40 years of experience in film, television, animation, comics, advertising, games and new media, M2 Founders, Adam Martin and Eben Matthews are uniquely positioned to realize their vision for the future of comics. Itís called Macroverse and itís available NOW!

Experience Macroverse Today

Comics and entertainment fans can download Macroverse for iOS or Android right now. The first three episodes of DeadTown are available today. Episodes 1 and 2 are free. Episode 3 is just $0.99.

Additional episodes will go live every two weeks for $0.99 each. A Season Pass that unlocks all 36 episodes of DeadTown Season One as they are released is available for $9.99, providing early fans a savings of over 50% off the individual episode price.

Download for iOS here :

Download for Android here :

About M2
M2 is a multi-platform entertainment company founded by writer/director team Adam Martin and Eben Matthews. Since 2009, the company has written, directed and produced work for clients including Activision, Legendary Pictures, 505 Games, 12-Gauge Comics, Netscout, Laemmle Theaters and many more. They focus on story-driven content designed to connect with audiences and fans through innovative, platform agnostic delivery. Learn more at

About Macroverse
Macroverse is the future of comics. Conceived by M2 as a platform to propel the medium into the digital age, the App focuses on innovative storytelling custom built for mobile devices. This approach combines bite sized episodic content with binge-worthy serialized narratives which celebrate the strengths of the traditional comics format while exploring new creative and business opportunities only possible in a modern digital experience. Learn more and download the app at

About DeadTown
Visually inspired by the rich black and white noir style of films like A Touch of Evil and The Maltese Falcon, M2ís original series, DeadTown, follows a classic hard boiled anti-hero set in a post apocalyptic near future overrun by Zombies! The Macroverse exclusive launch title is created and written by M2 Founders, Adam Martin and Eben Matthews with breathtaking art by Steven Perkins. DeadTown combines film noir with the zombie genre, in an edgy reimagining of the detective thriller. Learn more at
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