Tony Iommi, 'inventor of Heavy Metal' and

From: Monitor Audio
Published: Fri Jan 15 2010

Tony Iommi, the founding member of metal gods Black Sabbath and Monitor Audio, the award winning, quality audio innovators have united for an advertising campaign which is sure to strike a chord with rock fans all over the globe.

Michael Johnson, marketing manager of Monitor Audio said, ‘we were looking for a new creative to showcase some of the technological audio advances we have made at Monitor Audio since the company was formed. We were keen to work with a musician and what better way than to team up with the inventor of some of the most recognizable guitar riffs in rock history?’

‘I’m delighted to be associated with Monitor Audio and I’m a huge fan of their products’, said Tony Iommi, ‘Monitor Audio have certainly been responsible for many great audio innovations over the last 35 years and I’m really pleased to have helped to make this happen.’

Look out for the new Monitor Audio advertisement which shows Tony Iommi standing next to a Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 speaker beneath the words,

‘In 1971 Tony Iommi took rock from E to C-sharp and invented the sound of heavy metal. His de-tuned SG injected every Sabbath riff with a darker, more penetrating intensity, inspiring generations to pursue the perfect tone’.

Tony uses Monitor Audio's flagship Platinum PL300 speakers in a 2-channel system along with a mix of Radius HD and GS10 speakers for home cinema and studio duties respectively.

‘The performance of Monitor Audio products is outstanding’, adds Iommi, ‘Each part of the range is also incredibly versatile and they look great too’.
As well as his work with Black Sabbath, Tony is a successful solo artist and he was worked with many of rock's top names lending their talents to his work. These include Henry Rollins, Dave Grohl, Billy Corgan, Phil Anselmo and Ozzy Osbourne
Other notable milestones for Iommi include being voted Number One in Guitar World's "100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time" and seeing Black Sabbath inducted into the UK and US Rock Hall’s of Fame.
In late 2006, Tony reunited with Ronnie James Dio, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice to form ‘Heaven & Hell’. They have become an enormously successful recording and touring band ever since.
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