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Published: Fri Jul 01 2016

Festival of Senses is proud to present the premiere of "Walk of Life - The Healing Experience of Music". A unique event that takes place on June 18th, 10:30am at the Donald R. Wright Auditorium - Pasadena Central Library.

The event debuts Viennese self-care & performance strategist, speaker & author, 7om Powers who will confer and perform a major and profound musical performance and speech about self-healing and how music can be used as a therapy to reduce stress and heal oneself.

7om Powers conveys his important message through music. His music is delightful and used for energy transmission. Music samples enclosed, on the festival website www.festivalofsenses.com highlight 7om‘s unique melodies of music that will be performed throughout his live performance.

When 7om was seriously ill of chronic conditions, he used music as a way to activate his self-healing power. Music helped him bypassing the mental barriers that avoid self-healing. His story is a great example of the unique power of music. His music addresses chakras, nerves and the body´s energy field to ultimately support listeners in lowering stress, and calming the mind.

Celebrity guests expected at the premiere of "Walk of Life - The Healing Experience of Music" include the Mayor of Pasadena, Clay Drayton, songwriter and arranger on Diana Ross’s certified gold record and the Consul General of Austria.

Tickets are priced at $34 (back), $49 (middle) which include 7om‘s upcoming CD, and $97 (front), which includes 7om‘s upcoming CD and the official event wall art. Ticket proceeds from the premiere will benefit Franklin Magnet School | Foreign Language Academy of Glendale.

Tickets may be purchased in advance on the web at:
http://www.festivalofsenses.com or www.eventbrite.com, or in person at the Donald R. Wright Auditorium - Pasadena Central Library, 285 E Walnut St, Pasadena, CA 91101, at the day of the event in front of the the auditorium. The seated event is limited to 99 people of all ages.

For more information on "Walk of Life - The Healing Experience of Music" please visit the official website at http://www.festivalofsenses.com - For interviews on radio, tv or phone, please call 626 817 34 28.

About 7om Powers:

"Bringing the body in a calm state through my music brought a major turning point in my life.
My music tells the body everything to do if the mind does not work abnd it is known to have the ability to help your body heal and uplift your spirit", states 7om Powers

7om is the survivor of a set of serious and painful chronic medical conditions. After giving up the hope of traditional medical care, battling for over 2,5 years in several medical facilities for his life he started his journey to look for alternatives.

Before becoming an performer and speaker, 7om Powers worked in a highly stressful position in the film industry as journalist and director for international relationship development.

Based on his own experience he has created "Walk of Life - The Healing Experience of Music" especially for people who are not familiar with the concept of self-care. Especially people who are constantly under stress, are hard working, too hard to themselves and who are very sensitive to the environment.

In addition to his live music healing live performances, he is a international educator and speaker about self-care, inner management and using music in our everyday lives and as a healing modality. He presents keynote presentations and break-out workshops at events, national- and international conferences.

During the last year 7om Powers is working on his new book "Rule Your Inner Kingdom", giving the reader an inspirational journey into the world of inner management and self-care.

About Festival of Senses:

The "Walk of Life - The Healing experience of Music" is presented by the Festival of Senses to bring extraordinary talents from the arts, to local communities and build bridges between USA and Europe.

"We are pleased to present 7om Powers with his unique musical performance and speech to the incredible power of music to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from chronic illness, neurological disorders and other kinds of painful disease.", states Grace Lee, organizer of the event.

7om‘ music brings pure atmosphere and guides listeners with soothing sound through the healing waves of meditative and delightful music designed to re-connect with the emotional world of the listeners.

Festival of Senses is currently planning to have up to 50 additional events in the USA in 2017, so that the event "Walk of Life - The Healing Experience of Music" can be shared with a broader audience all across the country.

Music, a universal language for people from all around the world to reach our hearts that no words can do.

Be transformed by music!

For more information, contact Ms. Grace Lee at info@festivalofsenses.com or (626) 817 34 28
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