Why You Didn’t Get the Part and What You Can Do Differently

From: Models Direct
Published: Tue Mar 23 2010

It can be really disheartening when you put effort into preparing for an audition only to get turned down. However, it might help to understand some of the reasons why you weren’t selected, some of which you have no control over and some that you can work on to improve. Models Direct gives you some things to consider after being turned down for an acting or singing position.

When it’s not your fault…

• It could be the case that you just weren’t right for the role you are going for. Directors may have a very specific type of person they’re looking for. You could be turned down for simple factors like the colour of your hair, your age, your height or your general look. To avoid disappointment from this type of rejection, do some research into the characteristics the casting director is looking for and only go for jobs that are open for interpretation, or those where you meet the director’s specification.

• Some directors are willing to take on fresh talent, while others are more wary of working with performers that they don’t know anything about. Models Direct suggest that if this is the case you try to help the theatre or production company in another way. This will allow them to get to know your personality, your determination and how you work with other members of the group. With theatres this could be done by ushering or working backstage.

• It’s a sad fact, but some people might just take a dislike to you for no reason. It could simply be that you remind them of someone they don’t get on with – something that you have no way of changing.

• If you are already working while trying to get performing work, especially if you are just planning to join a local theatre company, directors may be cautious of your work schedule. Of course you need to earn money and the directors know that if it came down to it your paid employment would come first, therefore there is the possibility that you may have to miss rehearsals.

Things you can work on to improve…

• If you’re just starting out it could be that you don’t have enough training. Even if you have a natural talent for being on stage it’s still good if you have taken part in courses or workshops. If this is the case, Models Direct suggest you look out for local courses in your area.

• Are you an all-round performer? For example, you could be auditioning for a singing role in a show and while your voice is amazing, your acting skills might not be as well developed. You can work on this by taking courses in other areas and putting a lot of time into practising.

• Has something happened that means your reputation has been tarnished? If this is so, it could be that you had disagreements with another performer or member of the team, the director may have heard about it and be less inclined to work with you. For this you will have to restore the director’s faith in you which could again be done by volunteering your services to help the production in another way.

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