Australian Engineers Collaborate with miners and Environmental groups to remove water pollution

From: Global Aquatica
Published: Mon May 11 2015

International organisations are combining in an unusual collaboration to support the engineers' company, Global Aquatica, to ensure their revolutionary technology to treat AMD pollution is not lost with their coal industry parent company going out of business.

Global Aquatica's technology, which was developed by the three engineers who formed the new company, has been successfully treating AMD pollution around the world since 1988.

"Our system is the only method in the world that can totally remove the polluted water and contaminants permanently. So, it is imperative we continue our environmental engineering efforts to ensure rivers and drinking water are safe" Global Aquatica managing director Sam Costin said.

Global Aquatica launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in December to raise the money needed to completely remove acid and heavy metal pollution from water at a pilot plant site in Australia.

"The phenomenal support for our project from the global community has been inspiring. With over $43,000 already raised, we are on track to achieving our target of $300,000" Mr Costin said.

The Australian government estimates there are more than 18,000 active pollution generating sites in Australia and the US government estimates there are more than 16,000 kilometres of polluted rivers in the USA. Global Aquatica estimates there are millions of active polluting sites around the world with pollution 'hotspots' in USA, Canada, Europe and South Africa.

The Australian government's supervising scientist estimates one third of mineral resources in Australia cannot be accessed as the occur in sulphuric acid generating rock. Through the use of its technology, Global Aquatica estimate 50 per cent more mineral resources around the world would be accessed safely.

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