Log Burning Stoves Increase Yearly Since 2008

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Published: Fri Sep 28 2012

The Solid Fuel Association (SFA) in 2008 stated that the sales of wood burning stoves had increased by a gigantic 30% within a 12-month period. Although this rate of growth has slowed down, itís still gradually progressing as people realise the benefits of owning a wood burner stretch further than just a good looking stove.

Woodburning-Stoves, an online retailer of solid and multifuel stoves based in the West Midlands has recently been made aware of the efforts a small business is making just down the road from them in Birmingham. Jericho Wood Recycling is a social enterprise that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jericho Foundation which is comprised of several other enterprises.

As the rise for wood burners increased, Jericho Wood Recycling (JWR) realised was in the perfect position to capitalise in this large change in the market by providing homes with the wood & fuel they desperately need. Obviously people need a specific type of fuel to keep their wood burners going and JWR are doing more than their fair share of supplying the local area with the goods they need. Due to it being a local business, prices are much lower than getting fuel from elsewhere; and on top of this the wood is ensured to be clean, environmentally friendly and ethically produced.

For those people environmentally aware, their conscience can be at ease when purchasing and burning wood & fuel from JWR.

Scott Morris, Marketing Manager at Woodburning-Stoves.co.uk commented on the Birmingham based enterprise and the impression they were already beginning to make. "One of the best things about Jericho Wood Recycling is that they recycle the wood that is wasted elsewhere in their business and turn it into a usable product. This is hugely admirable and something that a lot of businesses should look at doing with their own waste; itís time people started thinking about the bigger picture."

"Not only is it a green initiative, but it also appears to be a great stream of revenue for the business which will hopefully enable them to grow and expand. Their current plans involve a new factory that will reduce their waste even further; almost to 0%, whilst at the same time maximising all potential profits. If you buy your logs from them, be sure to check out our log cutting equipment on the site!"

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