Models Direct Guide To Reusing And Recycling Fashion

From: Models Direct
Published: Sun Feb 28 2010

With the rise of throwaway fashion more and more clothes are going to waste, often filling landfill sites and causing unnecessary damage to the environment. Fair enough, you donít want to wear old styles any more, or the clothes have worn out quickly, but what do you do when you no longer want your clothing? Models Direct offers you these tips for disposing of your clothing in an eco-friendly way.

Rejuvenating. If youíre getting rid of clothes just because youíre bored of them, why not have a go at altering and embellishing them to get a whole new wardrobe piece. If you donít own a sewing machine, or youíve never used one before, there are plenty of courses and workshops with teachers who will be able to teach you how to alter your clothes. Such classes have become more popular recently because of the recession-induced revival of the Ďmake do and mendí attitude. If you donít want to attend a class, check out YouTube for videos on how to liven up your wardrobe.

Are your old jeans worn or dated? Turn them into a denim skirt or shorts. Bored of your white t-shirts? Dye them at home. Want something a bit more glitzy that no-one else is wearing? Embellish clothes with sequins or beads.

Donating. If your clothes are still wearable but you donít need them yourself, charity shops are always looking for new stock. Take them down to one of the many charity shops around or fill one of the bags left on your doorstep to be collected. By taking unwanted clothes to a charity shop youíre not only making extra room in your wardrobe, you have the chance of finding a new bargain and youíre left with the satisfying feeling of knowing that youíve done your bit for a good cause. The clothes should be clean and undamaged, and if youíre donating shoes, remember to pair them up!

Recycling. Textiles make up a large percentage of the waste left to decompose on landfill sites. The problem is that man-made fibres wonít decompose and natural woollen material that does will produce methane, contributing to global warming. This doesnít have to happen!

The Textile Recycling Association is working to ensure that more textiles are recycled. Low-quality fibres can be reused for stuffing or carpet underlay, while better quality fabric can be broken down and respun for new garments.

Models Direct feel that this is an environmental problem that could be addressed so easily. Thatís why weíre encouraging you to think more about what happens to the clothes that you get rid of.

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