Wood Burner Owners: Start Stocking & Stacking Your Wood Now

From: Woodburnerworld
Published: Thu Nov 15 2012

The people who heat their home with regular gas, electricity or even oil need not worry too much about the approaching winter; but for those who are dependent upon a wood burner for heat, really need to get prepared and quickly.

The nights are already drawing in and becoming nippier, before we know it, the clocks will go back an hour and things will really start chilling off. This shouldnít be a bother for the people who have their wood delivered to them; but it will have a big impact on the people who chop and stack the wood themselves. Obviously itís a huge job to undertake, but it becomes much harder if itís left until winter and you have to do everything in below freezing weather.

Having the necessary log equipment (click here) to make this gruellingly hard job as easy as possible is a must. Without the right kind of equipment, a week-long job could end up spreading out to a month or more of work (this is of course completely dependent upon how much wood is required for the winter months).

Woodburning-Stoves.co.uk an online retailer of traditional and contemporary wood burning stoves always promotes the benefits of preparing for winter early. Scott Morris, Head of Marketing was more than happy to chip in: "Winter isnít a fun time for anyone and itís even less fun if youíre outside in -2įC trying to cut logs to put on your stove. We always try and stress the importance of preparation; get things ready before the winter weather really sets in Ė it will be much easier and you wonít be so pushed for time which results in less stress. The same applies to getting a wood-burning stove fitted; if you try and do it in winter like everybody else, installers will be busy and you may be without a good source of heat. However, if you plan, buy and install a stove during the summer or autumn months, youíre all good to go for winter!"

Experts recommend that those who are buying logs in to heat their home should always ask about the quality of the logs theyíre getting. Seasoned wood usually costs more, but it heats far more efficiently, so it pays to know a little bit about the wood to ensure loggers arenít ripping you off.

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