World Environment Day 2018: WAE Corp Presents ‘The Climate Solution’ by Mridula Ramesh.

From: WAE Corp India Pvt Ltd
Published: Sat Jun 09 2018

The world is grappling with frightening indicators of Climate Change which has caught attention of scientists, geologists and world leaders across the globe. Humanity is experiencing the trivial as well as devastating effects of global warming from extreme water events to the warming effects of the pollution. This World Environment Day, June 5th, 2018, WAE Corp takes a step towards finding possible solutions of one of the gravest crisis that human race is confronting. The Climate Solution elucidates technology-driven, pragmatic initiatives to resolve the climate problem with gradual changes in the direction of mitigating the impact of environmental crisis.

Mridula Ramesh is the founder of the Sundaram Climate Institute, which focuses on waste and water solutions and education. She is an active angel investor in cleantech start-ups, with a portfolio of over a dozen start-ups. WAE Corp, being an established player in integrated water resource management and a key player providing full spectrum of environmental services ratifies the solutions provided by the author.

WAE specializes in wide-ranging commercial water purification systems, drinking water stations, water treatment and wastewater management projects. Keeping sustainability at the center of its products and technology, WAE Corp has been successful in cutting down the carbon footprints at corporates across India by removing thousands of plastic water bottles from the circulation. Committed to its vision of achieving water-secure future, WAE Corp parks 1 % of its revenue in making drinking water available in water-stressed zones and invests in innovative solutions pertaining pure water technologies.

Endorsed by revered personalities such as Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation of India, M.S.Swaminathan, Father of India's Green Revolution and Dr Rajendra Singh, the 'Water Man of India', the book has been wrapped up with a checklist of actions that individuals, institutions and government need to take in order to build our resilience to climate change.

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