Christmas Wine Sales Will Reach New Heights in the UK for Online Retailer Serenata

From: Serenata Commerce Ltd
Published: Wed Nov 10 2010

Consumers will have much more than just presents under their Christmas trees this season. Wines may also be on many UK shopping lists for Christmas, according to one of the leading e-commerce retailer Serenata Wines.

With festive wine product sales continuing to grow, it is a sure indication the UK economy is attaining ground and the recovery is well under way.

"We anticipate orders for Christmas Wine by Post to increase another 20% over last year. This suggests the lower unemployment rate we've been experiencing in the UK combined with the growth we've had in the development, manufacturing and hospitality industries is beginning to spread. Now, people not only have more disposable earnings, but they're additionally less worried about falling back into recession," explained Peter Ahl, Managing Director of the award-winning web retailer Serenata Wines.

The online wine gift store has furthermore experienced a substantial raise in the amount of early Christmas orders, which implies shoppers have learned from the tough economy and are planning in advance.

"The numbers would suggest we'll have a much better Christmas across the board than we have the last few years. More consumers are preplanning their gifts and we think that is a direct consequence of the current recession -- consumers are budgeting, saving and planning their spending, rather than impulse shopping," Ahl added.

Business is booming for online wine gift shops. The industry expects to sell more than half a million Xmas wines and champagnes this year alone. And according to Serenata's studies, over fifty percent of all Christmas wine deliveries will be purchased over the internet.

The Xmas wines UK delivery is extremely popular with consumers outside the UK who would like to send wine and presents to friends and loved ones living in the UK. Serenata believes the growing quantity of British ex-pats buying wine gifts online is a good sign that, while customers are investing more than they do during the credit crunch, travel budgets may perhaps however continue to be limited.

"Sending christmas wine is still one of the best ways to show someone affection, which can be extremely complicated when long miles are involved. Choose amongst fantastic wines of all kinds with the advantage of purchasing wine using the web, nevertheless, and customers can find the perfect gift for anyone, no matter where they're on the globe," said Ahl.

Serenata Wines offers free wine delivery throughout the UK. The retailer deals with early morning, late evening 'avoid the school run' shipping, same day and next day orders as well as shipping on Saturdays and Sundays.
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