Comprehensive Analysis of Functional Non-Meat Ingredients Market : Latest Trends, Growth, Profitabil

From: Transparency Market Research
Published: Wed Oct 10 2018

In the meat processing industry wide range of non-meat origin products are used as additives, property enhancers, and binders in meat and animal fats. These materials are termed as non-meat ingredients. Majority of the non-meat ingredients impact the properties of the processed meat and are termed as functional non-meat ingredients. Functional non-meat ingredients generally alter the taste, texture, flavor, preservation, appearance, and water binding properties of the main components. Functional non-meat ingredients are extracted from several sources; they can be from either plant or animal origin or they may be chemical substances. Food industry is the major end use segment for non-meat ingredients hence these substance needs to be safe for consumption in accordance to the laws issued by the international and local food legislative bodies.

Functional non-meat ingredients are widely used for the processing of beef, pork, mutton, poultry and animal fats. Robust growth of the meat processing industry is expected to drive the demand for functional non-meat ingredients. Growing urbanization and high influence of western culture in terms of food habits in emerging regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America are paving the way for the rising acceptance of processed meat and ready-to-eat meals. These factors sum up to enhanced demand for functional non-meat ingredients in order to prepare fresh processed, raw-cooked, pre-cooked, raw-fermented, sausages, and cured & dried meat.

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Market demand for functional non-meat ingredients is high and saturated in mature economies such as North America and Europe owing to the increasing popularity of processed meat. However, the demand in emerging economies such China, India, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, and Indonesia is expected to increase steadily owing to robust consumption of processed meat such as canned fish, canned meat and sausages in the region. Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the demand for functional non-meat ingredients. The high demand in Asia Pacific reflects incorporation of advanced meat processing technologies, and improving purchasing power backed by economic development in the region. The strong market demand is anticipated to account for increase in the marketing and branding of different varieties of processed meat products and vice versa.

The market for functional non-meat ingredients can be segmented by ingredients, by meat type and products such as binders, extenders & fillers, coloring agents, flavoring agents and salts & preservatives. The most important ingredients used in the meat processing industry are salts & preservation owing to their improved taste and enhanced storage & preservative properties. Some of the functional non-meat ingredients are used to extend or increase the volume of the products, such as fillers and extenders and thus they are used in large amount. However, ingredients such as salt & preservation, coloring agents and flavoring agents pertains one or many properties to the products and are thus used in minimal proportions.

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The rising demand for processed meat is anticipated to augment the production of functional non-meat ingredients. Some of the major players in the functional non-meat ingredients market are E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Associated British Foods PLC, Kerry Group PLC, Wiberg GmbH, Campus SRL, Proliant Meat Ingredients and Wenda Ingredients among others.

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