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From: Rational
Published: Mon Jan 11 2010

Rational recently launched CareControl, the automatic self-cleaning programme for all new SelfCooking Centers. This diagnostic programme tells the operator when to pop in the Cleaning and CareControl tabs so the unit can clean itself fully automatically. This saves energy, chemicals and reduces water usage as the unit is only cleaned when it needs to be. But that’s not all Rational is taking care of - from start to finish the Rational SelfCooking Center is designed to be environmentally friendly.
No toxic materials are used in the production process and the SelfCooking Center itself is made with 100 per cent recyclable materials. What’s more, Rational guarantees all customers that it will take back the old units when they have reached the end of their (very long) life, so they are disposed of in the most responsible way possible.
During use, the Rational SelfCooking Center uses up to 60 per cent less energy than conventional appliances and at least 10 per cent less energy than conventional combi-steamers. An essential factor in the energy consumption of cooking appliances is the efficiency with which the input of heat can be transferred to the food and not used to heat up the kitchen! Rational uses high quality insulating materials to make sure the heat stays in the cooking cabinet.
To ensure optimum use of heat energy the SelfCooking Center continuously records and controls all cooking parameters such as temperature, time, humidity and air speed. The microprocessor control ensures the ideal cooking environment for menu items, minimises shrinkage and because everything is perfectly cooked there is no waste.
All components of the SelfCooking Center are optimised for minimum energy consumption. For example the fan motors are brushless 500W direct current motors with an efficiency of approximately 95 per cent.
Because the SelfCooking Center has low heat emission into the kitchen area there is less demand placed on ventilation equipment such as extractor hoods and air conditioning systems drastically cutting the energy consumption of such units.
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