It's time to "Pimms your ride"

From: Tipple On Tow
Published: Sat Jun 09 2018

A pair of future entrepreneurs are taking the phrase "pimp my ride" to the extreme by transforming a vintage caravan into a mobile Prosecco, Pimms and gin bar.
Tipple On Tow is the brainchild of couple Simon Hoskin, 28, and Becky Turner, 30.
The duo will convert this £64 ABI Monza 1200s into their first business venture which will see them parking up at weddings, parties and outdoor events with what Simon says will be "more than just a caravan with Prosecco in". He said: "As with all great business ideas this was dreamt of over a few drinks in the pub".
"As the beer continued to flow we found ourselves on eBay bidding".

"There is, for sure, a huge trend at the moment with converting what were rundown vehicles into small businesses, but in our area there were very few converted caravans".

"We’re looking to piggyback on the trend but at the same time stand out from the crowd with some real unique selling points such as a feature called "Tailor Your Tipple" where customer can customise their refreshment with liquors and fruit."
Quirky ventures like this are common in countries like Australia and New Zealand, Simon explained, but he and Becky are keen to create their own brand and be extremely unique.

Their new roles are additions to working full-time. Simon works in the City of London while his partner practices as a dental hygienist.

He said: "Becky and I have 14 years of experience in the hospitality trade so we know the ins and outs of the industry well".

"All of this combined made perfect business sense and we agreed it was an opportunity too good to miss."

Weekly videos will be published on Facebook showing Tipple on Tow’s transformation but also announcing competition giveaways, leading to a launch party in August.

Until then the caravan needs a lot of work. Simon said: "Have you ever seen an abandoned caravan in a field with grass growing up and around it, algae all over and smashed windows? That’s what we purchased.

"A not so willing parent collected it on a trailer from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk due to its flat tyres and it was beyond towing".

"Part of the floor is rotten and the door doesn’t close but apart from this, it’s as good as new."

The couple are taking local press and social media by storm.
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