Kuji Drinks - The Original Plant-Based Latte - launches in the UK & Europe

From: Kuji Drinks
Published: Wed Dec 19 2018

Today, Kuji Drinks - the makers of the original plant-based latte - launched online its debut collection of nine live-activated plant cream concentrates to the UK and European markets.

The fresh UK start-up are set to transform the vegan milk category with its world-first plant cream concentrate. Crafted over nine days using ancient slow-processing methods, the concentrates are made from a signature base of organic activated almonds and coconuts - stone-ground with potent doses of therapeutic herbs, spices and mushrooms - to create nine creamy, plant-based lattes to nourish your wellbeing.

The holistically-targeted formulations are grounded by modern nutrition, western herbalism and ancient Ayurvedic medicine for a plant-based supplement that supports a wide range of wellness needs.

"Chronic sickness and a lactose intolerance are what turned us onto a healthier lifestyle," says Kashca Beaumont, Director and Co-Founder of Kuji Drinks. "Yet we struggled to find a pure plant "mylk" using organically-grown ingredients and activated nuts, minus preservatives and other nasties. The only other option was home-making the nut milk - an arduous and expensive process which yields little milk. We wanted to introduce a product that catered for pure health but also made peopleís lives easy."

Co-Founder Marcus Deller says, "The brilliance of Kujiís plant cream concentrate is that there is absolutely no need to add extra milk to make your latte. Simply scoop, blend with spring water and pour for a 100% natural, super-concentrated and delicious everyday plant elixir.

All of Kuji Drinksí products are 100% vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and free of dairy and soy. Every ingredient used in the blends are organically and consciously-grown by ethical suppliers around the world. The high-quality formulas are perfect for supporting a clean, cruelty-free and wellness-focused lifestyle.

The start-up joins a rapidly-expanding revolution of consumers turning to vegan and plant-based alternative. According to MINTEL, there has been a 257% increase in vegan product packaging claims between August 2011 and August 2016. While worldwide sales of non-dairy milk alternatives more than doubled to $21Bn.

"Our ultimate vision is to elevate consciousness through the power of plants," says Kashca Beaumont. "Through this intention, potent blends and the use of premium, pure ingredients, we hope that Kuji Drinks will become not just a staple for people already living plant-based, but also will encourage those who are looking for a simple, convenient and delicious way to live a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle."

Kujiís signature collection of nine plant-based latte blends is available now to the UK and Europe via the website www.kujidrinks.com
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