Peppermint Oil Market Forecast Highlights Revenue Share Analysis across Prime Geographies

From: Fact.MR
Published: Tue Apr 30 2019

Fact.MR has compiled a study on the peppermint oil market and published a report titled "Peppermint oil Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Market insights 2017 to 2022". The market analysis is backed by an in-depth assessment of the prevailing trends in the essential oil landscape, key market drivers, restraints and future growth opportunity in the peppermint oil market. The report offers thorough assessment of historical data and current dynamics of the peppermint oil market. The report estimates that the peppermint oil market is foreseen to grow at a steady pace during the forecast period.

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Peppermint Oil Market Continues to Face Oligopoly in Supply Chain

The peppermint oil market landscape is dominated by exporters majorly concentrated in two countries - the United States and Canada. Increasing demand for peppermint oil, particularly in the mint flavored products in the confectionery market has led the bulk of peppermint exports from these two countries where the U.S. supplies over 70% of the global peppermint and spearmint. Access to raw materials continues to pose a challenge in the peppermint oil market leading to an opaque supply chain. Further, companies in the peppermint oil market continue to face challenges of adulteration and contamination of biomass stock. While national governments and international organizations recommend good agricultural practices to resolve current supply chain issues, pricing of the peppermint oil is dictated by a handful of peppermint oil market players.

Demand for Complementary and Alternative Medicines Propels Peppermint Oil Market

Essential oils, especially peppermint oil finds deep-rooted traditional applications in complementary healthcare. Recently, the popularity of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has gained significant momentum. Herbal remedies are usually combined with mainstream medical therapies to give rise an integrated medicine approach.  According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), over 30% of adult Americans prefer complementary and alternative medicines. WHO states that up to 80% of the African population relies on traditional herbal medicine (THM). China also has reports about 40% penetration of THM in all the healthcare delivery. As modern consumers greatly rely on natural remedies and CAM, the fast-growing herbal medicines market is likely to bolster the demand for peppermint oil in the herbal healthcare products.

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Health Risks Continue to Confine Growth Prospects of Peppermint Oil Market

Despite holding a strong recognition in the therapeutics industry, peppermint oil has been rigorously discussed in the medical research community with regard to health risks posed by peppermint ingredients used in the cosmetics, food and therapeutic products. The Cosmetics Ingredients Review published in 2017 revealed safe use of peppermint oil in cosmetics under currently approved concentration. However, the safety assessment to be completely approved, additional validations for peppermint oil’s toxicological endpoint and skin irritation data are required. In addition, a considerable number of allergy incidences related to peppermint cosmetics has been reported since 2000.

Competitive Landscape

The competitive landscape section of the peppermint oil market provides the users with a concise list of the market players in the peppermint oil marketplace. Few of the profiled players in the peppermint oil market report are Plant Therapy Essential Oils, Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils, Green Fields Oil Factory, IL Health & Beauty Natural Oils Co. Inc., Aromaaz International, Aksuvital, Natures Natural India, Shaanxi Guanjie Technology Co., Young Living Essential Oils LC, Biolandes, Greenleaf Extractions Pvt Ltd, The Lebermuth Company, Synthite Industries Ltd., doTerra and Bio Extracts (Pvt) Ltd. are among the top companies operating in the global peppermint oil market.

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