Protos 2010 Verdejo, an unbeatable white wine

From: Bodegas Protos
Published: Mon Mar 28 2011

Production method

This wine is produced from 100% Verdejo grapes from D.O. Rueda vineyards, a night time harvesting ground for over ten years. We take great pride in our production. The grapes undergo four-five hours of pellicular softening at a temperature of 10C, before being pressed in an inert atmosphere with static clearing at 10C. Controlled fermentation occurs at 13.5C.

Tasting notes

With a delicate straw-yellow colour and greenish undertones, the 2010 PROTOS Verdejo is a very clean, brilliant wine. It presents an intense, fresh and powerful bouquet with tropical and citrus notes against a subtle herbaceous background of fennel and fresh herbs. In taste, it is a fresh, enveloping and flavourful wine, retaining just a hint of natural acidity to bring it to life. It is a full-bodied, well-structured wine, with an aftertaste that is pleasantly acrid, a characteristic of the Verdejo varietal, which causes it to linger on the palate.


- Net alcohol: 13% by volume Total Acidity: 5.5gr/l


This is a perfect wine to pair with pasta, greens and vegetables, mild cheeses or any type of fish or seafood. It should be served at a temperature of 6-7C.


Winery: Bodegas Protos
D.O. Rueda
Type of grape: 100% Verdejo varietal
Retail price: 5.50


The PROTOS cellars are located in La Seca. The traditional Spanish-style facilities include stainless steel racks, a bottling plant and an area for fermentation in casks, with technological capabilities that fully surpass even the strictest requirements of current regulations. Protos D.O. Rueda exclusively produces Verdejo wine, guaranteeing its exceptional quality, where tradition is blended with cutting-edge technology. Protos' white wines are destined to become the benchmark of D.O. Rueda wines, following in the footsteps of our renowned Ribera del Duero wines.
Company: Bodegas Protos
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