Prowrap launches new cling film and foil dispenser

From: Wrapex
Published: Wed Oct 27 2010

Prowrap has launched the new Speedwrap cling film and aluminium foil dispenser. Developed specifically for the catering and baking markets, it is claimed to be the smallest, neatest and most user-friendly dispenser on the market.

Cling film and aluminium foil are absolute essentials in the modern commercial kitchen, vital in food preparation, protection and preservation. The problem is dispensing: hand-tearing straight from the roll is tricky and tends to lead to ‘scrunching’, while traditional commercial dispensers are bulky, heavy and can be complicated to refill.

Speedwrap is the answer. It’s available in two widths, 300mm and 450mm, and there is a full range of refill cling films and aluminium foils available. Unlike other commercial dispensers, Speedwrap fits snugly around the roll of cling film or foil, so it looks good and takes up the minimum amount of space. It’s also easy to load and can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

Speedwrap offers a number of benefits over hand-tearing. It protects the roll from damage and contamination, helps to eliminate wasted product and speeds up prep time (no more struggling to find the end of the cling film). However, for those who prefer ‘holding the roll’, Speedwrap is small and light enough to be picked up and used.

Speedwrap couldn’t be simpler to load and use. Users just open the unit, insert the refill roll and pull out a short amount over the lower gripper plate. When the unit is closed the film or foil is automatically fed between the upper and lower grippers, to ensure the roll feeds accurately and consistently. Pull to the required length, push the lid and the concealed blade gets to work, neatly trimming the film or foil to size. It also minimises waste, since virtually all the roll gets used.

Prowrap’s team of British designers and engineers developed Speedwrap in consultation with caterers and bakers. Managing Director Graham New says: "The Speedwrap design team was focused on two key areas: ensuring cutting was easy and safe, and making the unit as small and sturdy as we could. We’re delighted with the outcome and the feedback we are getting is fantastic, it is a simple product but it can make a real difference in a busy catering environment."

Prowrap is the catering division of Wrapex Limited. Speedwrap dispensers, as well as the Prowrap range of cling film, aluminium foil and baking parchment, are available via distributors and cash and carry outlets. For more information or to find your local stockist call Prowrap on 0117 965 7000 or visit
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