World’s first blockchain-based platform for nutrition is soon to be unveiled

Published: Wed Dec 06 2017

With the power blockchain behind, numerous Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs are popping up every day. With a sole goal to get funding in any form, many ICOs are trying to woo investors with concepts or ideas which are most of the times either superficial or impractical. If the very purpose of an ICO is to raise fund to build an infrastructure or service network or even a product using blockchain technologies or through a new cryptocurrency, a lot of ICO promoters are failing miserably. Only a handful ICOs are there in the market with a goal to solve a genuine problem in the world today or invent something revolutionary that would make lives easier. From an investor’s perspective, it’s worth investing only in these ICOs.

ViDiCia is one such platform among those very few which, are most likely to solve genuine problems. ViDiCia’s concept is a noble and very practical one. Within the periphery of ever-growing healthcare domain, It’s core concept is to reduce the gap between the nutritionist and one who needs nutrition related services. The idea is to create a global platform where nutritionists, dieticians, trainers, coaches, home-based nutrition product makers etc. can interact with and offer services to needy consumers using blockchain technology.

As a spokesperson for the UK-based company told this correspondent, "ViDiCia uses blockchain technology to first safe-keep user’s data and later to facilitate the transaction system through VDC Coin, the de facto currency of ViDiCia. Moreover, the system will use AI or Artificial Intelligence elements to smartly map user’s requirement with the skills of a service provider based on a number of parameters which will be further defined and refined programmatically."

The cryptocurrency VDC Coin is although an integral part of ViDiCia, itself is a pre-mined SHA-256 based digital coin. In fact, the ICO which is set to start in the 3rd week of December 2017, is for VDC Coin only. VDC Coin (estimated number will be 220 millions) will be made available by the middle of January 2018 in the market. Along with the pre-mined coins, there will wallets for different platforms and there are plans to take the coin to global exchanges as early as possible.

There is another important aspect of ViDiCia; part of the profit will be donated to global organizations who need funds to fight malnutrition. There will be a voting process to select the organization which will be given the fund during a specific period and only ViDiCia platform users and VDC Coin investors can participate in voting.

Cryptocurrency was invented and now supported because it promises to give freedom and ease of use. If ViDiCia powered by VDC Coin can do the same, it will definitely help maintaining the very principle of cryptocurrency in the coming days.

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