Brits Say: Legalise It!

From: mingle trend
Published: Tue Jul 13 2010

A controversial topic over recent years has been the law surrounding the supply and usage of cannabis. mingle trend conducted a representative survey to ask Brits if they think the currently class B drug should be legalised and taxed in the UK.

With 55%, the majority were in favour of legalising cannabis, of which only a small proportion were against the suggestion of it being taxed. Men, who are reported to be more likely to be drug users, were also more likely than women to support such a change in the law with 61% compared to just under a half.

Reports suggest those aged 16-29 are the highest users of cannabis which is supported by the fact those in their twenties and thirties were most likely to support legalisation with 58%. However, in contrast teens were most likely to oppose a change in the law with just over a half.

It is thought that there are up to five million regular users of cannabis in the UK but they should not be branded as criminals particularly when crime levels as a result of the drug’s usage are thought to be relatively low. The government has the British support, it is time to legalise cannabis and use taxes raised through its sale to help benefit the rest of society.

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