Challenging ‘growth scepticism’ is key argues economist Daniel Ben Ami

From: WORLDwrite
Published: Sun Oct 17 2010

WORLDbytes, the online Citizen TV channel, has today launched the latest episode of Don’t Shout at the Telly Change the Message on it. Leading this refreshing on the sofa discussion, Daniel Ben Ami, author of Ferraris for All, explains ‘growth scepticism’. Young volunteers grappling with growth raise a wide range of questions from consuming less in the West to bankers, child labour, corruption and war. Daniel is clear and tells us: our having less will not make the poor rich; child labour is a product of poverty not prosperity; corruption does not cause poverty it’s a symptom of it; bombing a country is unlikely to increase its prospects and political autonomy is key. A positive approach to economic growth he argues, not holding back and accepting ‘limits’ is key to increasing abundance for all globally.

Director Ceri Dingle said today:
"We were delighted to have Daniel Ben Ami on the sofa. His new book Ferraris for All took as its title a slogan coined by our charity WORLDwrite – meaning we should strive for the best for everyone. It’s clear from the insightful discussion featured in the programme that 16-25 year olds do have reservations about economic growth, often based on well meaning concerns for their peers. It is important to explain and re-state that growth is not the problem, the lack of it is and Daniel does so with compelling argument and eloquence."
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