Councils Beat Off Frivolous Personal Injury Claims

Published: Tue Jun 01 2010

A survey of more than 75 councils carried out by leading consumer legal rights website,, has revealed that the number of successful personal injury claims made against them has fallen dramatically between 2004 and 2009. The survey showed the number of upheld complaints fell from over 31% to below 19%. The results, which were gathered using Freedom of Information requests, also showed that although the number of claims had increased slightly during the period councils were more willing to fight against claims and therefore frivolous claims were more likely to be exposed.

As part of their ongoing programme to provide support for people who think they may be able to make a claim, have launched a simple step by step guide to claims for trips, slips and falls for consumers which will be available via the website.

Tom Johnson, founder of, who commissioned the survey said: "The results of the survey were very interesting as they show that although we live in a society that seeks to blame someone for our misfortune, the tax payer is not always footing the bill. Frivolous personal injury claims can cost councils millions of pounds every year and it is good to see that they are taking positive steps to reduce the amount of claims that they pay out where they are not at fault.

"Even though the results show that the number of complaints upheld are decreasing people who have a genuine claim should not be put off. Our simple step by step guide will help them understand if they have a claim and what they can do about it."

The survey by also found that although many of the councils surveyed held liability insurance, the majority of claims settled were paid from public funds rather than by the insurers. Johnson commented: "This is due to the high policy excesses councils have been forced to accept. Even when a claim fails they are unable to recover legal costs, reducing the money they have available to provide services to the general public."

Established in November 2009 by Internet entrepreneur Tom Johnson, aims to dispel the myths surrounding "no win no fee" claims and also guide site users into how they can move things forward without incurring major legal fees.

The site provides information and advice on personal injury claims, accidents at work and whiplash injuries, as well as producing consumer guides for dealing with claims and solicitors.
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