Drugs Investigator Accuses Government of Gross Wastage of Taxpayers’ Money

Psycho-Pharmaceutical Scam Revealed as NHS Spending Rockets Over-Budget

[UKPRwire, Tue Feb 28 2006] “Drug addicts, NHS patients and U.K. students are suffering through ineffective long-term ‘treatments’ whilst the government lines the pockets of psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies with British taxpayers money”, declared Kenneth Eckersley the Founder of CEPTA the Campaign for Effective Prevention & Treatment of Addiction at last month’s Brussels drugs conference and at recent U.K. venues.

He went on to point out that whilst the cost of buildings, equipment and personnel had been blamed for NHS over-spending, the truth is that it is the increasing proliferation of pharmaceutical drug prescribing which is the main cause of massive budget over-spending and wastage.

He went on “Wastage, because in many cases there is no evidence that the drugs actually achieve the results for which they are prescribed. Wastage, because in many cases the drugs produce side-effects which require the prescription of additional drugs. Wastage because an increasing number of drugs are being developed and prescribed – not with the intention of curing the patient’s problem, but with the nearly criminal intent of creating a life-long drugs consumer ‘in continuous treatment’, and because virtually no-one gets cured, the numbers of patients to be ‘treated’ with more and more drugs escalates every year.”

“This is done” Eckersley alleges “by the psycho-pharm fraternity convincing successive governments that more and more human conditions ‘are not really susceptible to a cure’ as they are essentially mental illnesses which (they fortuitously claim) can only be ‘treated’ by ‘managing’ the condition with pharmaceutical drugs.” He points out that under the N.H.S. such drugs are of course paid for by the taxpayer, and that psycho-pharmaceutical marketing strategies are set up to take advantage of this.


It is 60 years since the psycho-pharmaceutical fraternity sold politicians the false idea that heroin addiction was incurable and that they must therefore put such addicts on a methadone programme which (because 89% of such users are unemployed) would have to be paid for by the taxpayers.

Eckersley explained that, depending on the size of dose, the methadone cost per addict per day is between £3.50 & £5.00, and averages £4.00. With at least 350,000 addicts on prescribed methadone, the cost per day is therefore some £1.4 Million – over £510 Million (half a Billion) per year.

“But”, he says, “the cost to the taxpayer doesn’t stop there.” Because of its many side-effects and the debilitating main effect of the drug itself, it seems numerous general practitioners are reluctant to prescribe methadone, as a result of which the psycho-pharms have persuaded government to pay doctors a prescribing ‘commission’, and, of course, high street pharmacists also receive a dispensing fee.

With so many methadone users unemployed, most of them are drawing Unemployment Benefit every week, along with Income Support, Housing Allowance and Child Support. Furthermore, they take up more public resources and the time of police, the NHS, probationary officers and the Courts. “More needless waste of Billions of tax money” says Eckersley.

When asked “What Does the Taxpayer Get Back in Return?” Ken Eckersley reports that government was told an addict on a methadone prescription would no longer use his illegal drug of choice, and so would no longer need to carry out acquisitive crimes to feed his habit. “But” says Ken “the BIG ISSUE in The North research into ‘Drugs at the Sharp End’ revealed that 80% of legal methadone addicts use another drug (usually heroin or cannabis) once a week and that 44% use heroin once a day.”

“As a result” he says “they continue with a life of crime to maintain their drug supplies, and it is obvious that they consider their daily methadone merely as a free supply for which, via ‘The Alliance’ (a psycho-pharmaceutically supported pressure group) they keep campaigning for bigger doses at shorter intervals - at further taxpayer expense of course.”

“The total direct and indirect cost of the methadone programme provably runs into many Billions” Ken argues “yet does nothing but exacerbate the drugs problem as it fails miserably to cure any addict of his or her habit”. He goes on to point out that this is also true of the psycho-pharmaceutical schools prescription programme for so-called ADHD, etc., and is true of tranquilliser / benzodiazepine prescribing to older citizens.

Finally he indicates that psycho-pharmaceutical marketing strategies all follow the same formula: “To make sure we get paid, sell in bulk to the Government, so that they can give free supplies for life, to more and more different groups of citizens – all at taxpayer cost of course”!

About C.E.P.T.A.
To create a drug-free society we need only to cure existing addicts whilst ensuring that no more youngsters take up drug usage. This means developing and promoting EFFECTIVE prevention and EFFECTIVE cures.

C.E.P.T.A. came into being when studies revealed that effective prevention and treatment had already existed in various countries for over 50 years, but were being suppressed in Europe, not only by producers and traffickers of illicit drugs, but also by commercial interests whose production levels and profitability depend upon increasing the sale of all forms of drugs, with no regard to the increasing number of addicts thus threatening our society.

C.E.P.T.A. (The Campaign for the Effective Prevention & Treatment of Addiction) was therefore founded by concerned E.U. citizens for the purpose of contradicting and exposing vested interest political lobbying and misleading P.R. campaigns which deliberately hide the failure to cure of current psycho-pharmaceutical “treatments” whilst also promoting drug liberalisation via so-called “harm reduction” and related “drugs education” - instead of providing real prevention training.

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