Kineo launches Flatpack e-learning concept for fire safety awareness

The new fire safety regulations came into force on October. E-learning is an obvious route for ensuring compliance. Kineo is launching a new way to deliver quality, customised fire safety e-learning in rapid time at a lower cost: Flatpack e-learning.

[UKPRwire, Tue Jan 16 2007] With the new regulations, many organisations may be looking at their existing provisions for fire safety awareness and realising some action needs to be taken. In e-learning, the options have been limited. Commission a bespoke piece of e-learning from scratch? For most organisations, this is cost prohibitive, and most of the content is not sufficiently specific to their business to warrant it. Purchase a generic product? This doesn’t deliver on the specifics that do make a difference: personal guidance from the organisation’s health and safety officers, explanation of specific procedures for individual premises, including of specific examples and advice that relates to the company. So for many organisations, it would seem the options are limited and not without compromise.

Kineo’s research with our clients has shown that buyers of e-learning want lower cost, more direct control over content and updates, and faster delivery. Kineo Flatpack e-learning delivers on these needs. Flatpacks provide everything required to quickly build high quality e-learning out of the box, at a fraction of the cost of bespoke e-learning, but with all the flexibility. Flatpacks contain a complete script, professionally designed graphics, a high quality set of templates and quiz questions which can be rapidly assembled in any e-learning authoring tool, including Articulate, Breeze, Atlantic Link and many others.

Kineo’s Managing Partner, Steve Rayson said: “We’ve seen a huge upsurge in the number of companies buying authoring tools to take more direct control of their e-learning development and control costs. The question is – how to ensure rapid development of quality e-learning using a tool? We believe our Flatpacks provide a solid foundation. The unique aspect of Flatpacks is that, unlike most off the shelf e-learning, you can customise messages and add or remove content to meet your organisation’s needs. For many organisations that have not been able to afford bespoke e-learning in the past, this opens doors. Flatpacks provide a way in – a lower-cost option with flexibility and control.”

The Fire Safety Awareness Flatpack offers a 30 minute training course which covers all key aspects of fire safety and the new regulations. In addition, the e-learning has a whole section which can be adapted for an organisation’s specific policies and procedures such as evacuation instructions, fire officer information, building specific instructions - to make this course truly customised to the organisation.

Kineo’s growing range of Flatpacks, including Fire Safety Awareness, is available now at the Rapid E-learning Store:

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