Kineo's new rapid e-learning helps to flatten absence issues

Absence from work costs the UK economy an estimated £10 to 12 billion each year. The average direct cost per employee is estimated around £434. Training can help save costs – but you want to control the cost of training too. Kineo has developed a new method to deliver quality, customised absence management e-learning in rapid time at a fraction of traditional costs: The Absence Management Flatpack.

[UKPRwire, Thu Mar 15 2007] Kineo, the leading rapid e-learning company, has changed how e-learning gets done with its Flatpack approach, launched this week. The Flatpack includes a full script in PowerPoint, images and questions – all you need to create customised e-learning and ready to build in a range of authoring tools. The sections include:
Why absence matters – the cost and impact in your organisation
•Why it happens – definitions and root causes of absence
•Managing absence in your organisation – initiatives you can take at the organisational level
•Managing absence in your team – specific tactics for managing absence in teams

Kineo’s research with our clients has shown that buyers of e-learning want lower cost, more direct control over content and updates, and faster delivery. Kineo Flatpack e-learning delivers on these needs. Flatpacks provide everything required to quickly build high quality e-learning out of the box, at a fraction of the cost of bespoke e-learning, but with all the flexibility. Flatpacks contain a complete script, professionally designed graphics, a high quality set of templates and quiz questions which can be rapidly assembled in any e-learning authoring tool, including Articulate, Breeze, Atlantic Link and many others.

Kineo’s Managing Partner, Steve Rayson said: “Absence Management can be greatly affected by good quality training. But organisations are keen to contain e-learning development costs. We’ve seen a huge upsurge in the number of companies buying authoring tools to take more direct control of their e-learning development and control costs. The question is – how to ensure rapid development of quality e-learning using a tool? We believe our Flatpacks provide a solid foundation. The unique aspect of Flatpacks is that, unlike most off the shelf e-learning, you can customise messages and add or remove content to meet your organisation’s needs – for example, adding your own absence management policies, a quote from senior executives, or a series of questions to check understanding of your specific processes. For many organisations that have not been able to afford bespoke e-learning in the past, this opens doors. Flatpacks provide a way in – a lower-cost option with flexibility and control.”

The Absence Management Flatpack provides a low cost way to organisations to develop their own customised e-learning with no ongoing licence fees.

Kineo’s growing range of Flatpacks, including Absence Management, Fire Safety Awareness and Equality and Diversity, is available now at the Rapid E-learning Store.

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